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Founder of Lhasa OMS

Leading a New Age of American Wellness

Lhasa OMS is credited with leading the adoption of ancient Eastern medicine techniques in the U.S., both as the nation’s first importer of acupuncture needles and complementary products, as well as a vigorous advocate for professionalizing their use through practitioner certification, expert product training and standards governance. Founded by Thomas Riihimaki in the late 1970s, our company was born out of his intent to fix a problem: the U.S. had no TCM product pipeline in order to train and equip professional users in proper acupuncture techniques. From that point forward, the former chemist dedicated himself to bridging these two global cultures of medicine by supporting this fledgling industry in America. In the process, Tom became indelibly etched in the alumni annals of the New England School of Acupuncture and his company influenced how Americans holistically approach personal health and wellness.

Lhasa OMS’s Imprint on a Healthier America

According to a 2015 research study by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health of the NIH, more than a third of adult Americans now engage providers of holistic health treatments, inclusive of services administered by licensed practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Lhasa OMS has played a pivotal role in advancing this new health practitioner career opportunity, in part by securing lawful import channels required to bring the best quality TCM devices and treatment products of proven efficacy to support their treatment offerings.

Lhasa OMS’s advocacy on behalf of this new breed of wellness practitioner is reflected in growth of integrated clinics and prescriptions that align Asian-based therapies to traditional Western medicine. New conversations with insurance payers that would never have been thought possible are now active. Organizations like Acupuncturists Without Borders have been able to deploy volunteer disaster relief teams alongside emergency doctors, equipped by Lhasa’s product donations. Leading industry associations and over 20 certificate schools nationwide have delivered untold student value through their technical and safety teachings because Lhasa OMS has reliably provided over 50 million needles to facilitate this learning. Practitioners fulfilling licensures through industry and state-certifying organizations achieve their required CEUs by virtue of our company’s ongoing support of education curricula as well as donated products. In fact, Thomas Riihimaki was a key force who successfully advocated to the FDA to reclassify all acupuncture needles to Class II medical devices, ensuring that only trained, state-certified health practitioners have access to purchase.

Continuing Innovation for Future Growth

Today Lhasa OMS is still family owned and operated, and stewarding Tom’s vision from the company’s Massachusetts headquarters. They carry forward Tom’s tenets of product quality assurance, responsive customer service and informed use by ethical, experienced law-abiding practitioners. To meet the needs of our industry, the executive team is moving Lhasa OMS into the mobile customer engagement arena among other service enhancements to support the healthy growth of this expanding industry. Every day our seasoned executive corps of field educators and product quality inspectors along with manufacturing partners navigate the dynamic regulatory changes affecting wellness care, evaluating new products and applications. Growing and sharing our knowledge center allows our licensed practitioner customers to focus on serving increased patient demand for such conditions as opiate and other addictions, stress from pregnancy, rheumatoid arthritis, sports and spinal injuries, dementia, chemotherapy, military trauma and other health related circumstances. While evolution is constant in the contemporary universe of Eastern Medicine, the cornerstone philosophy of our founder Thomas Riihimaki sets our purpose compass at Lhasa OMS: wellness should be universally accessible.

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