5 qt. SCI Sharps® Biohazard By Mail (Fits Wall Mount)

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The complete bio-hazard disposal system. Safe, simple, and easy to use - no chemicals are required. Avoid the time, expense, and contracts required by local disposal companies. SCI Sharps Disposal By Mail Systems include a Sharps bio-hazard container, a U.S. Mail postage pre-paid return box, a protective 3 ml red bag liner, complete instructions, and a 4-part simplified tracking form. The box is given to your local U.S. Mail Carrier or U.S. Post Office which is then mailed directly to the certified medical bio-hazard incinerator disposal site (in Texas). The cost of mailing and disposal, including a confirmation of destruction notice (mailed back to you), are all included in the price.

This biohazard container can be used with the Biohazard Wall Mount found in this category.
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