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LENGTH 5 Hours
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Course Overview
This course is Part 1 of a 10-Part Program that uses Traditional Chinese Medicine to successfully treat addictions.

In Part 1: Foundations, we establish clear communication between practitioner and client by defining common addiction terms and removing any preconceived notions. This provides a solid and necessary structure to build clear goals and achieve long-term success.

Like most of the 10 Parts of the Program, this course contains 5 Lessons with each of the Lessons consisting of:
- An PDF Workbook
- Three videos guiding you step-by-step through the Workbook
- A guided Medicine Journey video
- A guided Medicine Writes video
- Q&A audio
- Checklist: 3 Big Things (a summary for clients)
- Alchemist's Notebook… for Practitioners

This Program is a holistic approach to comprehensively treat addictions. It does not offer "magic points" that somehow change thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviors.

It does offer an in-depth emersion into:
1. Addressing every aspect of the whole person: mental, spiritual, emotional and physical
2. Exploring every Phase of the Cycle of Addiction, identifying its weak points and breaking it there once and for all
3. Repairing the damage done to every close relationship

Like every Part of the 10-Part Program, Part 1: Foundations offers a wealth of material that can be immediately implemented in your treatments or assigned as homework to keep clients engaged and quickly coming back.
  • Receive a clear definition, diagnosis and treatment plan for addiction
  • Acquire a TCM understanding of addiction that incorporates Western psychology & modern treatment
  • Create the foundation upon which to build long-term sobriety
  • Learn a language to collaborate with medical & mental health professionals
  • Integrate your unique skills into this non-denominational, plain-English approach.
  • Outline
    0 hrs - 1 hrs

    Lesson 1: Definitions: Alcoholic, Addict, Addicted Using the industry-standard definitions, we explore and clarify a client's perception of these terms to remove any barriers to treatment.

    1 hrs - 2 hrs

    Lesson 2: Definitions: Addiction Breaking down the Alchemist Recovery's definition of addiction, we go into detail as to how this directly relates to and draws from TCM.

    2 hrs - 3 hrs

    Lesson 3: Definitions: Medicine We identify your client’s needs through their exploration of Medicine. Do they want a mental, spiritual, emotional or physical approach?

    3 hrs - 4 hrs

    Lesson 5: Definitions: Success We build upon the Foundation we’ve established in the first four Lessons by clarifying immediate and long-term goals. We then explain how TCM can help them achieve these, as well as all ongoing Success.

    4 hrs - 5 hrs

    Lesson 4: Definitions: Medicine-Part 2 We explore the ways to deliver the kind of Medicine our client wants for their addiction. How does TCM provide specific mental, spiritual, emotional and physical answers that our clients can understand?

    Alchemist Recovery Series - Course 1

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    About Randal Lyons

    July 17th, 1994 is a dividing line in my life. It’s my sober date. By that point I had been studying Chinese medical and martial arts for 6 years, had just gotten my 1st license in Oriental Bodywork and was in the 2nd year of a 4 year’s masters program at Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine. I was looking forward to a new future and one that was driven by the question, “How does holistic medicine get & keep people sober?” That was a complete U-turn from what had driven my previous incarnation. I was a relocated New Yorker in Hollywood, California, where I lived hand-to-mouth in the world of big hair, loud guitar, rock ’n roll. This provided the perfect setting for me to perform the last half of my 17 years worth of “personal field research” in the arena of addictions. It also gave me invaluable “hands on experience” that I couldn’t imagine getting any other way.   The last two decades on this sober side of that dividing line have been spent searching for direct answers to that original question. And because no one has been able to do that for me, I’ve been forced to find it on my own by exploring what I love. My search has given me the privilege of studying with some of the most revered leaders in the fields of Traditional Chinese & East Asian Medicine, shamanism, martial arts, cranio-sacral therapy, movement therapy, psychology, mythology, poetry and writing. From this, I have synthesized a clear, concise model of holistic treatment for addiction that I call Alchemist Recovery. As part of this work I have: - Treated tens of thousands of people from all walks of life and in all stages of addiction? - Served on staff at hospitals, medical centers and addiction treatment centers? - Created a successful private practice? - Written books & articles in national publications? - Taught my material to thousands all across North America and beyond? I greatly look forward to seeing what’s next along this path, as I share it with my wife, partner and brilliant colleague in the Medicine, Dr. Dana Leigh Lyons, and leave notes from the experiences along the way answering, “What exactly does dad do?” for my son Tyler.  Whichever side of that dividing line of sobriety I have found myself on, I have lived by and found solace in the choice offered by this declaration: “There are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle.” — Albert Einstein

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