Alpina Plast Facial Massage Cupping Set

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Cupping Set of 4

Demonstration by Michelle Gellis, M.Ac. L.Ac. Learn more about this protocol at These high-quality glass facial massage cups are an excellent choice for your facial cupping needs. Cup reservoirs are hand-made of medical glass; cylinders to create a vacuum are made of PVC plastisol which is hypo-allergenic.

Each set contains 4 cups measuring 3.5” (90 mm) long (with rubber bulb) but of varying diameters: (1) 0.43” dia (11 mm), (1) 0.78” dia (20 mm), (1) 1.3” dia (33 mm) and (1) 2.0” dia (50 mm). Set comes in a cardboard box. While intended for facial cupping treatment, may also be used for neck, leg and shoulder.

To use simply apply a massage cream or oil to the area to be treated. Set cup and use three basic massage movements (straight line, zigzag and circular), repeating each 5-6 times while controlling vacuum intensity to fit patient’s needs. Massage each area for at least 5 minutes. For areas around eyes, an autohemotherapy technique is recommended in which cups are placed on skin for 2-5 seconds without moving.