Doctor’s 450nm Blue Laser

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Blue light has traditionally been associated with relaxation, sedation, and tranquility. The Laser Lift’s 450nm provides all the benefits of its other lasers like the 635nm red and the 532nm green, plus the added benefit of its antibacterial, acupuncture point sedation and calming qualities. Best for treating skin conditions, scar tissue and cranial acupuncture points. Can help the body's defenses eliminate bacteria or other infections, help treat gingivitis, and reduce wrinkles and signs of aging.

And like other lasers it offers an ideal way for acupuncturists to attract and treat individuals who would otherwise never receive the benefits of acupuncture.

Warranty: 1 year, laser only

Features and Accessories
*Fully portable; patients not confined by bulky unit.
*Professional grade for extended use
*Laser Lift collimating tip
*Constant on/off button
*Laser Line Generator
*Laser is a plus power, constant wave diode circuit type with computerized APC. 2xAAA batteries included
*6 – 4.25 disposable sanitary tips
*6 – 2.75 disposable sanitary tips
*Operating Instructions
*Padded nylon travel bag

Advantages of Using Lasers
*Painless, but effective - Ideal for anyone who is afraid of needle treatment.
*Harmless - Laser energy penetrating the skin is only 5 mw. There is no tissue damage, as no heat is generated with cold laser application.
*Safe and sanitary - No chance of infection. Sanitary disposable tips provide a perfect solution for repeated treatment.

Patient help sheets for asthma and carpal tunnel.
The Laser Lift system to advance and support laser acupuncture was developed by a group of physicians with fellowships from the International Academy of Clinical Acupuncture. They all have extensive experience in the practice of clinical acupuncture and in performing low-level laser therapy in clinical practice. They became concerned with safety as they observed the growth in home cosmetic therapy and the use of photo luminescent devices such as lasers. Their concern for the safe use of low level lasers in the home and clinic lead to the development of the Laser Lift accessory package. The collimating tips used in Laser Lift lasers make acupuncture point bio-stimulation safer by narrowing the laser focus to pinpoint accuracy. The sanitary covers are disposable and inexpensive, making it possible to share low-level laser therapy with others.
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