Kamaya Ondan Smokeless Needle Moxa Cones

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Highest quality Japanese smokeless needle moxa cones. Made from finely ground charcoal and mugwort herb blended with other natural products. Ideal for patients (or practitioners) who have difficulties with smoke, and for general in-office use.

Cones burn steadily and evenly, providing comfortable, penetrating warmth for patients. Each cone generates an average heat of 95F (35C) for 3.5 minutes up to a 20mm radius from needle. At a radius of 5mm from needle effectiveness increases to 5 minutes.

Available in a vacuum-packed bag containing 225 Smokeless Moxa Cones or in a box of 2 vacuum-packed bags containing a total of 450 Smokeless Moxa Cones. Practitioners have been quick to appreciate Ondan’s ease of use and high quality. Highly recommended.

Important Features
No odor or smoke
Fits both Japanese straight-handle needles and Chinese loop top needles.
Light weight. May be used with very fine gauge needles.
Provides long retention and gentle warming.
Safe and clean. No hot moxa ash.
Vacuum-packed for freshness.
Very easy to use.