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LENGTH 2 Hours
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Course Overview
In this course David will be reviewing all of the available pediatric ready-made formulas that can be bought online. There are a number of companies making herbal formulas specific to children, but figuring which one to use and when can be difficult. Plus, many of the formulas overlap in their functions, making it further difficult to understand which formulas are useful for specific ailments. The course is designed to be used as reference material for practitioners to refer to when deciding which formulas to prescribe. Formulas examined treat syndromes such as external attack, cough, pneumonia, asthma, bedwetting, constipation, diarrhea, digestive weakness, and mental emotional disorders such as ADHD and insomnia. Each formula is described according to which herbs it contains, what symptoms it treats, and is then compared to other similar formulas to help practitioners understand which formula is best in a particular situation. Companies examined include Blue Poppy, Kan Herbals, Golden Flower, Little Treasures (Su Wen), Little Fishes (China Herb Co), Health Concerns, and Cathay Herbal (Australia). The video lecture also includes a power point designed to used as a reference text.
  • Learn how to make accurate diagnosis based on children's symptoms.
  • Understand the uses of commonly available pediatric herbal formulas.
  • Learn how to administer herbs to children.
  • Learn about what formulas are available for purchase.
  • Outline
    0 hrs - 15 min

    Introduction to pediatric herbal formulas available for purchase.

    15 min - 1 hrs

    Covering Respiratory disease and available formulas.

    1 hrs - 1.5 hrs

    Covering Digestive disease and available formulas.

    1.5 hrs - 1.75 hrs

    Covering formulas for mental/emotional disorders.

    1.75 hrs - 2 hrs

    Covering techniques for administering herbal formulas to children.

    What People Are Saying

    I highly recommend this course to anyone studying or practicing TCM that has children or is interested in treating children. There are a lot of different products on the market all with very little information. This course prepares you to use the products both safely and effectively in a clinical and home use setting.

    john m.- United States of America

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    About David Allen

    David graduated from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine with his masters in 2007, and again with his doctorate in 2016, having spent many years studying directly under Alex Tiberi, widely considered to be the foremost expert on pediatric acupuncture and herbalism in the Western world. Part of this training included developing painless, needle-free alternatives to acupuncture, and safe, healthy, and tasty herbal formulas for a wide variety of conditions. David travels extensively in Korea and China furthering his studies in pediatrics. David is a faculty member at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, the nation's educational leader in Traditional East Asian Medicine. He also supervises acupuncture students at the Integrative Medicine program at Rady's Children's Hospital of San Diego. David believes that all children deserve every chance at a healthy and happy life, and has devoted his life to helping them achieve their highest potential. While he specializes in pediatrics, David also treats adults for a wide range of ailments.

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