Tru Energy Skin Nourishment Kit with Sonic Wand

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To benefit from the full Tru Energy experience you’ll want the complete all-natural non-surgical facelift system, rooted in the science of traditional acupressure theory and advanced energy medicine technology. This complete anti-aging skincare system includes all 5 advanced natural, functional skincare formulas as well as the magnetized and energized beauty wand (EO-Wand) that hyper-activates these formulas. Steps for use are detailed under each individual product.

Kit Includes:
* Gently Clarifying Facial Cleanser
* Deeply Purifying Facial Scrub
* Protective Therapeutic Daytime Treatment
* Restorative Nourishing Overnight Treatment
* Intensely Anti-Aging Facial Serum
* Sonic Energy Optimizing Wand
* Instruction Guide (includes Facial Map and Quick-Start Guide)
Tru Energy was created by Cathy L. Goldstein, A.P. As an active acupuncture physician, and expert on cosmetic facial acupuncture, Cathy has been practicing functional and energy medicine for over twenty-five years. Her passion has been to help people reach their health and wellness goals through education and self-empowerment.

It was this passion that led her to create Tru Energy's All-Natural FaceLift Regime. From its inception, Tru Energy was designed to unlock the body’s own anti-aging potential through genuine wellness that can literally be seen on one’s face. It is rooted in the science of traditional acupressure theory and advanced energy medicine technology.

The complete anti-aging skincare system is comprised of advanced natural, functional skincare formulations as well as a magnetized and energy optimizing wand (EO-Wand) that hyper-activates these formulas. Together they direct the flow of energy, visibly lengthening, lifting and tightening skin. “Nothing gives me more satisfaction, both professionally and personally,” Cathy has written, “than hearing success stories of people who have reclaimed their lives and have regained their self-confidence.”

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