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Pomegranate (Punica granatum) originated in North Africa and the Middle East and is now found throughout the world. In the eighteenth century, it was brought to California by the Spanish. Pomegranate juice is a rich source of polyphenols, tannins, and anthocyanins (OPC). It has antioxidant and antiatherosclerotic properties. Animal studies have shown that polyphenolic antioxidants inhibit the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, and reduce atherosclerosis, the accumulation of plaque on arterial walls, which can increase the risk of cardiovascular problems such as heart attack and stroke. It has been suggested that pomegranates combat atherosclerosis by stimulating the enzyme activity of paraoxonase (PON) and HDL-associated protein. Pomegranate increases PON activity in patients with high cholesterol and diabetes. In a study of forty-five patients between the ages of fifty-nine to seventy-nine with stable coronary heart disease (CHD), subjects were confirmed to have stress induced ischemia evidenced by at least one myocardial perfusion. The patients were assigned to randomly receive 8oz (240ml) of pomegranate juice or a sports beverage similar to pomegranate juice. Episodes of angina decreased by 50 percent in the pomegranate group, but increased by 38 percent in the placebo group. Although there were no significant changes in blood pressure, lipids, glucose or Alc, the average myocardial perfusion improvement was 17 percent in the pomegranate group and a worsening of 18 percent in placebo group (a 35 percent difference between the 2 groups). Principle investigator Dean Ornish, MD, stated, "Although the sample in this study was relatively small, the strength of the design and the significant improvements in blood flow to the heart were observed after only three months suggest that pomegranate juice may have important clinical benefits in those with coronary heart disease". Additional studies have focused on preventing and treating atherosclerosis, diabetes, neurological health, osteoarthritis, antibacterial effects, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and as a cancer prevention herb. Pomegranate has been traditionally used to treat infections, diarrhea, and to reduce fever. Health Concerns' Pomexcellentâ„¢ is assayed to contain 40 percent punicosides, the same as fresh pomegranate juice. The advantage of Pomexcellent is that it is standardized to water soluble punicosides and not ellagic acid. Pomexcellent pomegranate extract provides its antioxidant benefits via an array of polyphenols present in the fruit's seeds, husk and juice, and is particularly rich in punicalagins. Pomexcellent has a superior punicalagin profile as well as a higher phenolic content than typical juices or ready-made products, without the sugar, carbohydrates, calories or allergens. With an ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value of over 3,000 Pomexcellent is one of nature's premier antioxidants.
Pomegranate fruit extract standardized to 40% punicosides
For more than a decade, Health Concerns has been in the forefront of research in herbal medicine, and was the first company to manufacture herbal products in the United States for practitioners. Its founder, Andrew Gaeddert, is an herbalist, lecturer, author of numerous books on herbal medicine, and committed to improving community health. He assisted in the development of clinical trials with HIV patients in 1992, and has been on the protocol team of a study to investigate the effects of Chinese herbs on chronic diarrhea, and an anemia study sponsored by the NIH Office of Alternative Medicine.

Health Concerns formulas are created on the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern biochemistry and developed by experienced practitioners such as Mr. Gaeddert, Dr. Fong, and Misha Cohen. They are targeted to treat specific disorders, and manufactured under strict quality control. All are continually tested to ensure optimum effectiveness, potency, and maximum bioavailability.
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