Heskier's OneTool - Black

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Massage and Acupressure Device
Professional practitioners often use this tool to supplement their usual techniques, but it is also commonly used for full treatments. Its innovative ergonomic design helps you reach the desired points precisely with minimum effort. While one of its three prongs is being used, the other two sit comfortably in your hand so that pressure is easily generated by the surface of the palm. By reducing the pressure needed for effective deep-tissue treatments the Heskiers OneTool™ can help protect you from work-related injuries to your shoulders, arms and hands. Available in black, orange or white.

*Particularly useful for massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, physiotherapists, among others
*Easy and safe to use
*Reduces work-related injuries to hands, arms and shoulders
*Easy self-treatment (after receiving instructions from practitioner)
*Made of medical-grade, friction-free nylon meeting requirements of Class I medical devices
*Requires no additional lubrication

The Heskier's OneTool™ is a massage and acupressure device that provides effective bodywork treatment for practitioners as well as supplemental self-treatment by patients. It helps relieve pain and reduce stress and tension, and can be particularly useful for lower back and neck pain, sciatica, and sports-related elbow problems. Learn more by viewing the video below.
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