InTENSity Micro Combo Dual Channel TENS and Micro Unit

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The InTENSity Micro Combo combines in one unit the healing effectiveness of microcurrent (MIC) and the pain relief properties of TENS technology. Featuring 4 TENS modes and 3 MIC modes, this unit offers a highly flexible and effective approach to treating patients. Pulse rate, width, timer, and cycle time for both TENS and MIC modes can be quickly and easily changed.

In addition to normal TENS or microcurrent therapy, this unit may be helpful for treating muscle spasms, reducing muscle atrophy, and maintaining range of motion.

Includes 4 self-adhesive electrodes (1.5"diax1.5"dia), 2 lead wires, carrying case, 9 volt battery, DC adapter and instructions.

Warranty: 1 year, unit only

Wire Jack Size: 4.0mm
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