Lucas Essential Oil - Relief

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Headaches can be so miserable but can be alleviated with acupuncture and some additional “at home” support. This is the purpose of Relief's unique blend, developed by Martha Lucas Ph.D., L.Ac. It enlists the “essence” of medicinal plants that have been used for a long time to help relieve pain and heal the body.

The ingredients that help make it work:
* Melissa essential oil generally helps to de-stress your system; has sedative properties
* Lavender de-stresses, improves blood circulation, and relieves pain
* Rosemary relieves pain and stress as well as improving cognitive function
* Helichrysum treats spasms, rejuvenates, restores

To Use: rub a couple of drops on the sole of your feet and then near the tender spots on your head and/or neck.

Available in 0.025fl oz bottles
Lucas Acupuncture’s Martha Lucas wears several hats. In addition to developing Blends Essential Oils, she helped create Mei Zen skin products. She is an internationally respected instructor and practitioner of Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture. She is founder of the Pulse Diagnosis Institute and teaches Chinese medicine practitioners how to do proper and correct diagnoses so that their treatments are more effective. And she is active in micro needling collagen stimulation.

Dr. Lucas’s education has given her unique credibility in today's healthcare world. She earned a Ph.D. degree in Research Psychology as well as national certification and Colorado license (L.Ac.) to practice Traditional Chinese Medicine. At Lucas Acupuncture ( her clinic in Denver) she specializes in treating issues in internal medicine, particularly chronic issues that don’t respond well to modern medicine techniques and pharmaceuticals.