Mu Xiang

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The spicy and bitter aroma of CO2 extracted Mu Xiang essential oil reverberates throughout the body, awakening the senses in the mouth, stimulating abundant saliva and calming the stomach. Due to its affinity with the triple burner meridians, Mu Xiang’s main intended task is to harmonize functions of the digestive organs by regulating Qi and to alleviate physical and emotional discomfort. And like all essential oils, it is fast acting, easy to use and cost effective.

Common Uses
* For spleen/stomach Qi stagnation with anorexia, a feeling of food sitting in the stomach, epigastric or abdominal pain or distention, nausea and vomiting.
* Liver or gallbladder Qi stagnation with flank pain, distention or soreness.
* Intestinal Qi stagnation with diarrhea or dysentery, abdominal pain and tenesmus.
* Disharmony of the liver and spleen with hypochondriac pain and distention, a bitter taste in the mouth, a yellow tongue coat and possibly jaundice.
* Stagnation from tonic herbs, especially when the transportive and transformative functions of the spleen are weak

Major known chemical constituents: costunoldie & woody lactone dehydrogenase > 60%. (from Guangzhou extractor analysis)

Available in 5ml bottles
Alchemica Botanica was started by Evelyn Robert, L.Ac. It grew out of her deep respect for Chinese medicinal herbs developed over more than 30 years as a TCM practitioner - and chiefly inspired by Daoist Master Dr. Jeffrey Yuen whose teaching on the use of essential oils in TCM has guided practitioners into new dimensions of treatment.

From the beginning Evelyn’s search for reputable extractors in China and testing oils has been a slow but important process. She began visiting large and small extractors, distillers, and perfumers who were enthusiastic and dedicated to producing high quality essential oils from the finest authentic herbs. Her suppliers gradually fell into place – among them a factory/plantation using CO2 extraction in Guangdong Province, a small family-run steam distillery in Jiangxi Province, and a large distillery in southern China focusing on the Chrysanthemum scent.

In the end Evelyn’s persistence paid off. Alchemica Botanica TCM Essential Oils became the first line of essential oils dedicated purely to traditional Chinese herbs and substances, intended for therapeutic use in acupuncture and Chinese medicine in general. It fills a void in currently available essential oils by providing practitioners and their patients with authentic Chinese medicinal herb essences that are easy to use, fast acting and cost effective.

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