NuHerbs Jade Dragon Calm Liver Wind - 200 Pills

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Fo-Ti Stem (Shou Wu Teng), Chinese Motherwort Herb (Yi Mu Cao), Scutellaria Root (Huang Qin), Cyathula Root (Chuan Niu Xi), Eucommia Bark (Du Zhong), Mulberry Mistletoe Stem (Sang Ji Sheng), Uncaria Stem with Hooks (Gou Teng), Gastrodia Rhizome (Tian Ma), Poria Sclerotium Center (Fu Shen), Gardenia Fruit (Zhi Zu), Abalone Shell (Shi Jue Ming)
NuHerbs Co. was founded in 1979 by Dr. Bing Yin Lee as a family herb store in Oakland's Chinatown. Over the years, their little herb store has grown into a leading importer of Chinese herbal formulas, bulk herbs, Chinese Medicine supplies, and other custom products. In spite of this growth, NuHerbs remains a family business guided by a belief in the advancement of Chinese Medicine. By thinking as healers first and business people second, NuHerbs has maintained the trust of practitioners for over three decades.
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