Plant Therapy Snow Flurry Set

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This crisp holiday blend will elicit the feeling of being on a sleigh ride with delicate flakes of snow falling through the trees. The bright citrus scent of Orange Sweet, Lemon, and the soft woodsy scent of Blue Cypress are a perfect combination to bring the season inside your home or office.

Certified aromatherapists specially formulated Snow Flurries to be a scene-setting blend for all of your favorite winter activities.

Plant Therapy Holiday Blends come packaged in a holiday box that includes a matching Aroma Stone Ornament.

To use: Diffuse Snow Flurries Synergy to induce the feelings of holiday joy. You can also make a spray by blending 10 drops of Snow Flurries to 2 oz witch hazel to add the scent to your favorite potpourri. Add to your favorite DIY projects, such as soaps, candles or sprays to make the perfect gifts for your family and friends. For topical application dilute to 1-2%. Kid safe.

Place 2-3 drops of Snow Flurries Holiday Blend on the matching Aroma Stone Ornament that comes with it and hang it on your tree. Refresh by adding extra drops when needed.
Contains the 100% pure, undiluted essential oils of Orange Sweet, Lemon, and Blue Cypress.