Bojenmi Tea

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Crataegus (Shanzha), Malt (Maiya), Pharbitis (Qianniuzi), Pogostemon (Huoxiang), Hoelen (Fuling), Citrus (Chenpi), Alisma (Zexie), Cassia (Juemingzi), Phaseolus (Chixiaodou), Shen-chu (Shenqu), Raphanus (Laifuzi)
NuHerbs Co. was founded in 1979 by Dr. Bing Yin Lee as a family herb store in Oakland's Chinatown. Over the years, their little herb store has grown into a leading importer of Chinese herbal formulas, bulk herbs, Chinese Medicine supplies, and other custom products. In spite of this growth, NuHerbs remains a family business guided by a belief in the advancement of Chinese Medicine. By thinking as healers first and business people second, NuHerbs has maintained the trust of practitioners for over three decades.