LuZa CBD Tincture 30ml(1000mg CBD)

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30ml(1000mg CBD)

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LuZa CBD oil combines vegan & non-GMO MCT Oil with Colorado Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract. Using a patented extraction process, LuZa’s CBD oils are from a full spectrum extract; they not only have high amounts of CBD but also CBN, CBG, CBC, CBDa and cannabis terpenes (3 strains), which creates not only synergistic effectiveness but also bio-availability you will not find in most CBD products. LuZa CBD has all of their hemp extracts and tinctures 3rd party tested for not only strength but also purity. Available in 1oz/30ml bottles containing 1000mg of CBD.

* 1oz/30ml glass bottle

CBD Information
* 1000mg CBD per 1oz/30ml bottle
* Hemp grown on U.S. farms
* Full spectrum hemp extract
* Patented extraction method

CBD products may have a strong naturally occurring scent from the plant. Coloring may also vary slightly.
Organic Non-GMO MCT oil, Organic full spectrum hemp extract, Cannabinol (CBN), Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabichromene (CBC), Cannabis terpenes
LuZa works with physicians and biochemists focusing on researching, formulating, and compounding cannabinoid products. LuZa uses a patented extraction method to utilize cannabinoids and terpene mixes to create an entourage effect producing full spectrum, high quality, clean extracts. All of their products are third party tested, every three months.