Rebound® Health TENS Device

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Designed by BioMedical Life Systems, this small, sleek TENS device uses electrotherapy to reduce pain in vulnerable areas such as the hips, ankles, wrists, elbows, shoulder, back, and knees. Commonly used to relieve symptoms caused by chronic, post-surgical or post-traumatic pain, Rebound® manipulates the nervous system to both ignore the pain and release the body’s natural pain-killing endorphins. It offers a safe, effective, easy-to-use and affordable way to manage pain without drugs.

Important Features Include:
* Digital Display - LCD screen offers a clear display showing the operating status of the Rebound®
* Low Battery Symbol - turns on when battery voltage is low. Eliminates guesswork. Batteries last up to 150 Hours of continued use.
* Lock Button – provides optional safety feature. Lock power setting ensures you will not accidently turn up power during use.
* 14 Power Levels - a seven-bar graphic on its easy-to-read LCD screen indicates the output power of the electrical stimulation in 14 steps. Each bar represents two power steps. The first step makes the bar blink and the second step turns on the bar without blinking.
* Simple to Operate - the Rebound® outputs a stimulation pattern that encompasses both the gate the endorphin theories of TENS in one. It does this automatically without any adjustments by the user.
* Warranty - 1 Year limited warranty from BioMedical Life Systems.

Rebound® Packages Include:
Rebound® unit, 2 conductive pads, 1 connecting cable (lead wire), 2 AAA batteries, 1 lanyard (strap), instruction manual, Quick-start-Guide

To Use:
The Rebound® is extremely easy to use. Once you’ve attached cables to the unit, inserted batteries, and placed pad(s) on the area(s) to be treated, you are ready to start. Simply turn on power and feel it working. * Included manual and quick-start guide provide step-by-step instructions.
* Should not be used anyone using a pacemaker, is pregnant, or has a heart condition, skin sensory disorder, cancer, or is under the age of 18.

Technical Details:
Mode 1 Operation Program
Stimulation Continuous
Channels 1
Maximum Output Current 60mA at 500 Ohm Load
Waveform Asymmetrical Bi-Phasic Rectangular
Open circuit detection: Yes
Battery (2) AAA Batteries 1.5v
Auto power-off - 5 minutes: When the device is "A" active but none of the power bars are showing.