KN95 Protective Face Mask Pack of 50

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Protect yourself and others with the KN95 face mask. This white, foldable respiratory mask fits securely over the nose and mouth, is one-size-fits-all, FDA-registered, and CE-approved. Sold in packages of 50. Due to limited inventory we are limiting to a maximum of 2 packs per customer.

The KN95 face masks we sell are supplied by a Chinese manufacturer that is FDA-cleared and has 3rd party testing to highlight particulate filtration effectiveness.

We ensure that our manufacturers are FDA-registered and able to export products to the United States (see fourth product image).

Third-Party Testing:
Third-party testing is the best way to be sure the product you are purchasing is rated for the intended activity. Our manufacturing partner has complied with CDC and FDA documentation and testing requests seen in the fifth and sixth product images. The testing document satisfies U.S. government agency standards, with testing showing PFE ≥ 98% @ 0.1 micron.

When sourcing respirator masks, it is always advised to request FDA certification and 3rd party test results to ensure authenticity and effectiveness of the equipment. For more information, please contact our Customer Care team at

Note: Returns not accepted for this item. Brand and packaging may vary.

To our valued customers:

We are doing everything we can to source and stock the products you need to help with your health and wellness and that of your patients. During this unsettled time, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we ensure for our safety and yours.

Why does packaging change for these products?

- During this time, we are working with many different manufacturing partners, many of whom are new to Lhasa OMS. Based on product availability, our stock levels may change frequently depending on which manufacturer can supply us the products you need.

Why does the price change for certain products?

- We are working around the clock to source in-demand products to ensure you and your patients are as equipped as possible. Due to the incredible demand on personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, gowns, and goggles) and certain herbal formulas, we are choosing to work with vendors that may offer higher priced products so we have any supply at all. This is why you may see the price fluctuating occasionally.

Why are there quantity limits?

- We want to ensure as many practitioners as possible have access to in-demand products. We will try to be transparent as limits change.

Our goal always remain the best service, selection, and price and we appreciate your understanding during these challenging times.

Mask Testing and Quality FAQs:

Q. How do I know these masks are not counterfeit?

There has been much confusion around counterfeit mask claims. Most counterfeit masks are masks posing to be authentic N95 masks (such as 3M Brand). As mentioned above our masks are authentic KN95 masks which we have confirmed certifications and third party testing are in place.

Q. Are these masks listed with the FDA?

Yes our KN95 masks come from an FDA registered manufacturer and have been approved for sale in the U.S.

Q. Is it true that masks with earloops are not authentic?

No. Although it’s true that NIOSH approved KN95 have headbands, most KN95 masks have earloops. Any mask with earloops claiming to be an N95 mask can be put into question, but it’s perfectly normal for KN95 masks to have earloops.

Q. How are the masks tested?

Sodium chloride particles are pumped through the masks to determine level of filtration. As you can see the testing results above exceeded KN95 specification requirements.

Q. Are these masks one size fits all?

Yes, the KN95 masks are designed to fit everyone, however fit may vary based on the individual. The elastic ear loops and flexible nose piece make it easy to create a secure seal.
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