7-Star Plum Blossom Bullet Needles Bulk Pack of 12

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7.5" handle
Bulk-packaged 7-star needles provide high quality needles with reduced packaging and waste. This environmentally-friendly package features an easy-to-use, flexible, lightweight 7.5" plastic handle and replaceable needle cartridges with seven 3mm gauge 21 stainless-steel needles on one side. Bulk packaging includes 12 replacement needle cartridges.

Key Features:

1. 7-Star Design for Enhanced Precision: Each needle features a unique 7-star configuration of fine needles that allow for precise and controlled tapping. This design ensures accurate and effective treatment, targeting specific points with ease.

2. Disposable Heads for Unmatched Hygiene: Your patients' safety and well-being are paramount. Our needles come with disposable heads, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination. After each treatment, simply replace the head for a fresh, clean start. It's a hygienic solution that instills confidence in your patients and peace of mind for you.

3. High-Quality Materials: Crafted from top-grade surgical stainless steel, our acupuncture needles are durable, and ensure minimal discomfort during treatment. The disposable heads are made from medical-grade materials, meeting stringent quality standards.

4. Comfortable Grip: The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable and secure grip, reducing strain on your hand during extended acupuncture sessions. This allows you to focus solely on delivering the best possible treatment to your patients.

Technical Details

7-Star Plum Blossom Bullet

Brand Details

Brand Tai Chi®
Model 7-Star Plum Blossom Bullet
Country of Manufacturer China
Package Bulk
Handle Style 7.5" Handle
Handle Material Plastic
Color-Coded Gauge Identification
Includes Adhesive Tape
Needles Per Blister 1
Needles Per Box 12

Recommended Usage

General All-Over Body Points
Treatments That Require Multiple Needles
Extending Treatment Efficacy
Long Term Treatment
Sensitive, Older, New, or Pediatric Patients
Patients with Nickel Allergy Concerns
Shallow or Superficial Acupuncture Points
Facial Rejuvenation
Auricular & NADA Protocols
Hand & Foot Therapy
Scalp Treatments
Scar Treatments
Moxibustion & Electro-Therapy Treatments
Points That Call for Deeper Insertion
Treating Athletes of All Levels/Patients with More Muscle Mass
Plus-Size Patients
School Clinics, General Training
Community Clinics, Busy Practices
Veterinary Acupuncture
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