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SEIRIN needles are used by 86% of practitioners for patients with needle sensitivity
SEIRIN Pyonex Singles
"I have found the SEIRIN Pyonex Singles to be especially useful when treating my pediatric cases for pain management and constipation. I see a lot of children who are non-verbal with conditions such as cerebral palsy. I do not feel comfortable treating them with needles since they cannot tell me when it hurts. I look at the Pyonex Singles as training wheels to help re-educate the body."
Monika Kobylecka
- L. Ac. -
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Lhasa OMS is proud to be the exclusive importer of SEIRIN, DBC, Tai Chi, and Hwato needles, the highest quality, best value needles from Japan, Korea, and China. They are of the highest quality because of extensive testing and quality control measures taken by each brand. We offer these needles at unsurpassed prices due to the long standing relationships we've built and ability to order and stock large quantities. Along with these top brands, you'll find acupuncture needles for every practitioner, patient, and treatment type.

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