Constitutional Facial Acupuncture

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By Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, L. Ac, M.S, M.M.
This essential guide for acupuncture practitioners and students who are interested in the emerging field of healthy aging, addresses outmoded perceptions about the nature of authentic beauty and the aging process.

The acu-muscle facial protocol is comprehensive, effective and clearly organized with illustrative color photographs, facial needling diagrams and in-depth needling instructions. Twelve areas of the facial landscape are covered, along with muscle function, emotional expression, and the associated lines and wrinkles, i.e., droopy mouth, sagging neck, eye bags, sunken cheeks, etc. The strong constitutional approach is unique, enhances the facial protocols, and is rooted in three levels of treatment of the Jing, Ying and Wei.

Also included are chapters on how to customize topical Chinese herbs enriched with essential oils, natural cleansers and creams for your patient, practical step-by-step instructions, integrating needling and topical herbal protocols, and psychospiritual points for Shen imbalances, plus contraindications, benefits and personal advice from the author's 30+ years of experience.

Lillian Bridges, author of Face Reading in Chinese Medicine (Elsevier), wrote in her Foreword that Ms. Wakefield recognizes and treats the deeper issues underlying the aging face, and compassionately guides her patients through the individual transformations that result in changes to the face.

Paperback, 357 pages, 10 chapters, 8" x 10"
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