BioStim® M7 TENS

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Previously known as BioStim Plus TENS, this unit offers the latest technology in electro-therapy. Features user friendly programmable functions with a 2" x 2" LED digital display screen and keypad. Offers 4 pre-programmed and programmable modes of treatment: continuous, width modulation, burst mode and cycled burst, each with timer control. Pulse width and frequency values, intensity levels (for each channel), treatment mode, and timer are all displayed on the screen. This unit also features a Patient Lock (which prevents patients from changing the parameters set by the practitioner) and Compliance Meter (which shows the usage time per patient). Includes self adhesive electrodes with wires, carrying case, two AA 1.5 volt batteries, belt clip, and instructions.

Warranty: 5 years, unit only

Wire Jack Size: 4.0mm

Specifications 500 ohm test load
Output Channels: 2 independent intensity channels
Frequency: 1-150 Hz
Volts and current: 0-45 volts, 1-98 mA (milliamp)
Pulse width: 10-250 microseconds (µS)
Pulse shape: asymmetric biphasic square
Pulse modes:
Burst 1:
Burst 2:
continuous and 2 burst modes
0.5 seconds on, 0.5 seconds off, adjustable pulse rate from 1-150 Hz
8 pulses per burst/2 bursts per second
Power source: 4 AA 1.5 volt batteries
Size, weight, color: 3.9" x 2.5" x 1.3", 132 grams, beige
Timer: 15, 30, 60 minutes, or continuous
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