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CEUs/PDAs 3.25
LENGTH 3.25 Hours
Course TYPE Recorded Seminar
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REGULATIONS Approved: NCCAOM (3), Standard Certificate (3.25)
Course Overview
This course looks at the Metal Element and how it is related to the lungs and large intestine and is seen on the Face. These are the cheeks, cheekbones, nose, lower lips and Fa Ling (purpose lines). The cheeks and cheekbones relate to the Wei Qi (our immune system) lung pathologies and are also the area where the emotions of grief and sadness are held. The nose reflects chronic lung conditions as well as issues with the spine and muscles of the neck and back. Large intestine issues can be seen on the lower lip and the Fa Ling lines are related to our purpose in life and if we are on that path. Certain foods help strengthen the lungs, clear damp and phlegm and tonify deficiencies. We will look at them as well as some acupuncture points.
  • Overview of the Metal Element, Lung and Large Intestine organs and where they can be seen on the face including the lines and wrinkles related to the emotions grief and sadness
  • Understand the different colours we see on the face and what they mean. Also learn how where on the face we see immune problems and lung pathologies.
  • You will learn what to look for on the nose related to spinal column problems as well as some lung issues.
  • You will learn about the large intestines which is seen on the lower lip and what to look for regards markings and colour andwhat they mean. You will also learn what conditions are common and what to look out for.
  • You will learn about certain foods and herbs which can introduced into the diet to help treat lungs and large intestines conditions. This includes the ones for immune issues, lung deficiency, clearing phlegm, heat and moistening.
  • Outline
    0 hrs - 15 min

    We will look at the cheeks, cheekbone, nose, lower lip and Fa ling lines. We will also look at where we see emotions on the face with special focus on the grief and sadness lines.

    15 min - 1 hrs

    We will cover certain illnesses related to the immune system and the lungs including changes in colour and markings.

    1 hrs - 1.75 hrs

    We will talk about the nose and how it also relates to the spinal column as well as some lung issues. We will talk about what to look for

    1.75 hrs - 2.5 hrs

    Where we see large intestine problem on the face, what colour or markings to look for.

    2.5 hrs - 3.25 hrs

    Certain foods that are good for the lungs and large intestine will be looked at including foods that clear phlegm, tonify the lungs, moisten and move the stools and help support the immune system. We will also look at some herbs

    Diagnosing the Metal Element Organs from the Face

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