Premio 32 Vet Laser

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The Sedatelec Premio 32 EVO Vet Laser provides cold bio-stimulation laser therapy dedicated to veterinary practice. It quickly delivers intense, local analgesic, regenerative, muscle relaxant effects with no side effects. This 905nm laser is wireless, ergonomic, and features 5 stimulation modes utilizing the Nogier frequencies. It includes a case, 2 reinforced steel nozzles, an emission control tester, a pair of protective goggles, a rapid charger, and a user manual.

Warranty: 2 years, excludes cord

905 nm LASER
Crest power of 100 W
Pulses of approximately 100 ns
Constant energy 5 J/min through a super-pulsed emission mode
Special auriculotherapy ERP nozzle

By combining the different Nogier frequencies**, beneficial effects can be potentiated.

5 stimulation modes:
Analgesic (E and G frequencies) : reduces pain transmission to the central nervous system and improves local trophicity.
Regeneration (A, B and F frequencies) : accelerates tissue reconstruction, restores cell functions and accelerates the healing and regeneration, process both superficially and deep.
Relaxation (C, D and G frequencies) : facilitates release of tensions and muscle contractures.
Nogier frequency** scanning (A to G frequencies): stimulation of pathological areas regardless of the origin of these.
Individual frequency selection : Each of the 7 Nogier frequencies** can be selected individually to act on a specific physiological function.

5 direct access stimulation programs
Illumination of the working area
Audible information (30 sec) about the stimulation time
Rechargeable battery, as easy as a mobile phone
Independent operation for approximately 10 hours continuous use
Removable safety Laser key

Download an informative brochure for the Sedatelec Premio 32 EVO Vet Laser.

Why does the Premio 32 laser emit white light when it is infrared?
A white targeting light has been added to aid the visualization of the treated area.

How can I be sure the laser is working?
To check that the Premio 32 is working properly use the tester as indicated in the user manual or product video.

Are you sure that the power is in W and not mW?
Remember that 100W=10,000mW. Sedatelec lasers are given in W because they have a pulsed or superpulsed mode of emission; therefore they are expressed in peak power.

What is the difference between Continuous, Modulated, Pulsed, and Super-Pulsed Lasers?
This refers to the emission mode. Continuous means that the emission never stops. A continuous laser cannot use frequency. Lasers offering frequencies are modulated: emitting intermittently(a few milliseconds) over long periods. Sedatelec pulsed lasers emit short pulses of 80 ns per unit; the distance between varies according to the chosen frequency. Super-pulsed lasers emit bursts of pulses bringing a constant energy whatever the chosen frequency.

What is the difference between Watt and Joule?
Watt is the unit of instantaneous power. Joule is the unit of energy, equal to the power multiplied by a time of use. 1 Joule = 1 Watt/second. The Premi0 32 A-G program delivers 2.5 J/30 seconds.

Does the laser burn?
No. Sedatelec lasers have short pulse durations of 80 ns as well as a wavelength of 905 nm; this avoids any risk of heating or burning.

Should goggles be worn during use?
The nominal eye hazard distance for the Premio 32 laser is 50 cm. For any use of the laser at less than 50 cm from the eyes it is recommended to wear the goggles provided.

How do I clean my device?
Clean with a 70% alcohol wipe between each patient. Do not immerse.

Why does the battery light always stay red after charging my device?
The color of the orange/red battery indicator does not change regardless of charge. When the light is on the battery is fully charged. When the light flashes slowly the battery is half charged. When the light flashes rapidly the battery charge is low.

Sedatelec, is a public limited companies (SAS) with a capital of 160 000 euros specialized in the design and distribution of medical equipment.

Located in France, near Lyon, it employs 20 people and exports about 80% of its production, in more than 40 countries, in Europe and the rest of the world.

Founded in 1978, Sedatelec worked with Doctor Paul Nogier, the father of Auriculotherapy and developed the first sterile semi-permanent ear needle, the ASP®.

It also created the first electronic devices and lasers for doctors carrying out this new medical technique.

As a result of the development and diffusion of Auriculotherapy then Auriculomedicine, the second technique developed by Dr. Nogier, the activity of Sedatelec has developed and is continuing to extend throughout the world. Thereafter, it expanded its market to acupuncture and progressively to other forms of alternative medicine (Reflexology, Photonotherapy®, Etiomedicine, etc..).

Dr. Paul Nogier (1908-1996), a neurophysiologist fascinated by acupuncture, homeopathy and psychology, demonstrated in the beginnings of the 1950s, that certain points on the external ear corresponded to organs or systems and that their distribution corresponded to the image of an inverted foetus. This representation, now recognized world-wide, is the basis for the practice of Auriculotherapy.

Sedatelec is dedicated to complying with the most up-to-date regulations governing health products, and always takes the greatest care when it comes to product safety and quality.
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