Premio 32 Vet Laser

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The Sedatelec Premio 32 EVO Vet Laser provides cold bio-stimulation laser therapy dedicated to veterinary practice. It quickly delivers intense, local analgesic, regenerative, muscle relaxant effects with no side effects. This 905nm laser is wireless, ergonomic, and features 5 stimulation modes utilizing the Nogier frequencies. It includes a case, 2 reinforced steel nozzles, an emission control tester, a pair of protective goggles, a rapid charger, and a user manual.

Warranty: 2 years, excludes cord

905 nm LASER
Crest power of 100 W
Pulses of approximately 100 ns
Constant energy 5 J/min through a super-pulsed emission mode
Special auriculotherapy ERP nozzle

By combining the different Nogier frequencies**, beneficial effects can be potentiated.

5 stimulation modes:
Analgesic (E and G frequencies) : reduces pain transmission to the central nervous system and improves local trophicity.
Regeneration (A, B and F frequencies) : accelerates tissue reconstruction, restores cell functions and accelerates the healing and regeneration, process both superficially and deep.
Relaxation (C, D and G frequencies) : facilitates release of tensions and muscle contractures.
Nogier frequency** scanning (A to G frequencies): stimulation of pathological areas regardless of the origin of these.
Individual frequency selection : Each of the 7 Nogier frequencies** can be selected individually to act on a specific physiological function.

5 direct access stimulation programs
Illumination of the working area
Audible information (30 sec) about the stimulation time
Rechargeable battery, as easy as a mobile phone
Independent operation for approximately 10 hours continuous use
Removable safety Laser key

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