Santi Apothecary Nourish Facial Kit

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Rejuvenate your skin with Santi Apothecary Facial Kits. Featuring a facial steam, cleanser, moisturizing cream, facial scrub, and facial mask, your skin will love this collection! The Nourish kit is best for neutral or combination skin and includes:
• Lavender Steam (0.2oz)
• Detox Scrub (4mL)
• Moroccan Facial Mask (4mL)
• Detox Cleanser (4mL)
• Hydrate Cream (4mL)

Suggested Use: Apply the steam to clean skin. Next, use the scrub, rinse off, and apply the mask. Wipe off with a damp face cloth, wash with the cleanser, and apply the cream.

Caution: Store in a cool, dark place. Exposure to high temperatures can damage the integrity of the oils. Not for ingestion.

These statements are for educational purposes only and have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If a condition persists, please contact your physician or health care provider. Use caution when using essential oils and essential oil products.
Lavender Facial Steam: Organic Lavandula angustifolia
Detox Face Cleanser: Castile soap (water, coconut oil*, potassium hydroxide, palm kernel*, olive*, hemp* & jojoba oils*, citric acid & tocopherol), coconut*, sunflower*, & apricot kernel oils*, emulsifying wax, vegetable glycerine*, calendula oil (calendula flowers*, olive* & vitamin E oils), jojoba* & vitamin E oils, xanthin gum, essential oils including clementine* & cedarwood*
Hydrate Anti-Aging Face Cream: Distilled water, apricot oil*, calendula oil* (calendula flowers, olive oil, vitamin E oil), coconut* & sunflower oils, beeswax, jojoba*, argan*, pomegranate* & vitamin E oils, grapefruit seed extract, essential oils including palma rosa* & lavender*
Detox Facial Scrub: Black walnut hull*, jojoba oil*, apricot kernel oil*, water, castile soap (water, coconut oil*, potassium hydroxide, palm kernel*, olive*, hemp* & jojoba oils*, citric acid & tocopherol), calendula oil* (calendula flowers, olive oil, vitamin E oil), emulsfying wax, benonite clay, essential oils of bergamot* & peppermint*
Moroccan Rhassoul Facial Mask: Moroccan rhassoul clay

Amie Theriault is the owner and founder of Santi Apothecary. She started the company with the goal of sharing in the benefits of using essential oils through the products she creates. Amie's inspiration to develop products that promote well-being originated from her work with clients at Santi Holistic Healing LLC - where she is the owner and practices Muscular and Soma Therapy, Aromatherapy, is a certified DNAFit Trainer and oversees the direction for holistic care for clients. She sees people struggling with health issues caused by the ill-effects of stress, anxiety, diet and injury. Her experience in working with individuals and her knowledge and passion of aromatherapy and its' healing benefits created a natural progression of using these essential oils. Amie believes that natural, holistic methods are a key part of well-being and started designing these products on an individual basis - helping one person at a time. Amie has studied aromatherapy extensively and is a Registered Aromatherapist in the United States, one of only two in Massachusetts and 7 in New England. In addition to her Bachelor of Science in Health Studies from Boston University, Amie has her masters in Aromatherapy, has her diploma in Muscular Therapy & certificates for Aromatherapy Teacher, Soma Therapy, DNAFit Trainer & Thai Bodywork.
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