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Trauma Soft Plasters can be spread on gauze and applied to the sites of trauma as long as the skin is not broken. Ointments differ in their ability to move blood, clear heat, relieve pain, reduce swelling and dispel wind-damp.

Plasters 1-3 are for acute trauma with inflammation (heat, swelling, pain). Numbers 5 and 6 are for cold disorders and #7 is neutral and can be used for either hot or cold conditions.

1. Ma's Wu Shu Soft Plaster Acute trauma. Heat, swelling, pain and redness present. Vegetarian.

2. Stasis-dissipating, Pain-relieving Soft Plaster Similar indications/functions as #1. NOT vegetarian. Better for pain, stronger blood moving function.

3. Dissipation Soft Plaster Focuses on SWELLING (less pain). Good to mix with #1 or #2 if swelling is extreme. Often good to combine with #4.

4. Double-cooling Soft plaster Focuses on CLEARING HEAT. Often used with other plasters to make them better able to clear heat.

5. Tri-color Application WARM Used for cold, damp bi. Used for later injury when heat is beneficial. Heat disperses cold and damp accumulation. Can heat with heat-lamp or moxa after applying plaster.

6. Blood-quickening Powder (Soft-plaster) Warmer than #5. Includes Cao Wu, Chuan Wu and Rou Gui (Aconites and Cinnamon bark). If condition is worse with cold think #6. Can heat with heat-lamp or moxa after applying plaster.

7. Sinew-soothing Application More Neutral than 5 or 6. For stiffness, achiness, pain and some swelling/bruising in 2nd or 3rd stage trauma. Powerfully moves Qi & Blood and also dispels wind and damp.

Spring Wind Herbs, Inc. was founded by Andrew Ellis in 1992 as a small herb shop for the benefit of local practitioners in El Cerrito, California. Spring Wind began to sell bulk herbs to practitioners in 1993 and soon after began producing a high quality line of ointments, cremes, salves and liniments. All Spring Wind products are manufactured using only the highest grade bulk herbs to product topical herbal products that remain unmatched in the industry. Over the years, Spring Wind has searched out the highest grade bulk herbs and introduce a lot-based testing system for a comprehensive list of pesticide residues. In 2005, Spring Wind began to locate sources of organic herbs and now carries a large and growing selection of USDA NOP Certified Organic herbs.
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