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LENGTH 2.5 Hours
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REGULATIONS Approved: Florida (2.5), IVAS (2.5), NCCAOM (2.5), Standard Certificate (2.5)
Course Overview
Acute respiratory conditions are commonly seen in the clinic, and Chinese herbal formulas offer particularly effective treatment. The common cold that progresses into cough occurs frequently, and in this recording, we will delineate seven distinct stages of cough. Available Chinese herbal formulas will be discussed for each stage, with a focus on the rationale of the component ingredients. Besides cold and cough, we will also discuss fever, infectious throat conditions and ear infections. The same formulas are used for infants, children, and adults, with different dosing considerations. The recording offers clinical tips for managing cases, which will be of interest for advanced herbal practitioners as well as those just beginning to explore herbal medicine.
  • Delineate the five distinct stages of an acute cough
  • Become familiar with the Chinese formulas used at each stage
  • Understand the rational of the ingredients
  • Discuss cold, cough, fever, infectious throat conditions, and ear infections
  • Dosage considerations for infants, children, and adults
  • Receive clinical tips for managing cases
  • Outline
    0 hrs - 1 hrs

    Common Cold, Sore throat, nasal symptoms ? Yin Qioa San; Gan Mao Ling; Chuan Xin Lain; Pu Ji Xioa Du Yin; Xi Gua Shuang; Cang Er Zi San; Xi Yin Wan; Bi Yan Pian

    1 hrs - 2.5 hrs

    Cough: Plotting the stages of a cough

    What People Are Saying

    Very relevant information for anyone wanting a deeper understanding of evaluating the stages of acute respiratory diseases caused by viruses, and how they may be addressed using classical and modern Chinese formulas.

    Melissa Jane d.- Canada

    Great course and very informative. It cleared up some confusion about the many cold and cough formulas available and simplified how to recognize the different stages of cough. I find it much easier now to stock my own medicine cabinet as well as be prepared better for patients needs.

    W.- Canada

    Jake is a great teacher. Information is concise and useful.

    Sara R.- United States

    Jake Fratkin is a very knowledgeable teacher.

    Sarah S.- United States

    A good look into treating cough from someone with much experience and knowledge of the medicine.

    Spence P.- Canada

    Treating Acute Respiratory Conditions in Children & Adults with Chinese Herbal Formulas

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    About Jake Fratkin

    Jake Paul Fratkin, OMD, L.Ac. is considered an exciting and well-prepared teacher of Chinese herbal medicine and Japanese acupuncture. Known for emphasizing clinical relevance in his talks, he is sought-after as a teacher at national and state conventions and acupuncture colleges. Dr. Fratkin trained in Korean and Japanese acupuncture since 1975, and Chinese herbal medicine since 1982. He spent a year in Beijing hospitals specializing in internal disorders and pediatrics. He is the author of Chinese Herbal Patent Medicines: A Clinical Desk Reference, a compendium of 1250 Chinese herbal products, Essential Chinese Formulas, and he is the editor-organizer of Practical Therapeutics of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is the recipient of Acupuncturist of the Year (1999) from the AAAOM and Teacher of the Year (2006) from the American Association of Teachers of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AATAOM).

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