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LENGTH 13 Hours
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Course Overview
This course goes beyond the fundamentals of an undergraduate course and provides a level of detail not found in most Chinese medicine texts on fertility.

While staying true to the ideals of Chinese medicine, Robin provides information from modern bioscience on the processes of fertilization, implantation and embryonic development that can be used to enhance and refine our treatment approaches.

It covers the many aspects of male and female reproductive health that affect fertility, the many steps needed to achieve conception, and the barriers that need to be overcome to achieve established pregnancy. These include immune mechanisms, sperm-zona pellucida binding, DNA fragmentation, trophoblast function and dysfunction, and discussion of the mechanisms of endometriosis, epilepsy, PCOS and its connection to epilepsy, and how these conditions interfere with conception and implantation.

Issues of male reproductive health and the global decline in male fertility are discussed.

Robin shares clinical treatment approaches and formulas of 24 case studies covering a wide range of patterns, ages and conditions, each with its individual formula modifications, and offers practical advice that you can implement in your own clinical practice.
  • Understand historical Chinese medicine knowledge of fertility. Know the requirements for conception from a Chinese medicine and a biomedical perspective. Understand the stages of embryonic development in the first trimester
  • Acquire a deeper understanding of differential diagnosis and treatment strategies needed to support both male and female reproductive health. Understand the factors affecting conception and sustained pregnancy and the phenomena of superfertility
  • Hurdles encountered from conception to birth: conception, miscarriage, immune mechanisms, DNA fragmentation, epilepsy, PCOS, endometriosis, endometrial thickness etc. Understand the effects of the morning after pill as against mifepristone
  • Understand IVF drugs and their functions and various IVF protocols; Effects of age on fertility; Egg freezing; IVF costs and success rates; Acupuncture research protocols; Protocols vs holistic treatment
  • Understand the effects of vaccination on pregnancy and reproductive health
  • Outline
    0 hrs - 15 min

    History of Gynaecology and fertility in Chinese medicine (slides 15-28) Literature; Anatomy; Pillow books; Infertility; Conception - as described in classic texts.

    15 min - 30 min

    Overview of fertility, conception and pregnancy. Definitions and fertility rates; Infertility vs subfertility; Prerequisites for conception in Chinese medicine; Biological requirements for conception and pregnancy

    30 min - 2 hrs

    Assisting fertility - Male and female reproductive health; Diagnosis and treatment. Perspectives of Chinese medicine; Differential diagnosis; Chinese medicine strategies; Ovarian loss; Global decline in global sperm health. Case studies.

    2 hrs - 3 hrs

    Physiological foundations for fertility. Factors affecting conception; Tian Gui; Male and female reproductive health; Cervical mucus (functions and types); Tubal health; Endometrial health; Male and female factors affecting conception. Case studies.

    3 hrs - 4.5 hrs

    The first trimester: Follicular development; Spermatogenesis; Antisperm antibodies; Ovulation; Fertilisation; Implantation: Embryonic development; Tubal transport & nutrition; Trophoblast function/dysfuntion; The morning after pill vs mifepristone

    4.5 hrs - 6.5 hrs

    IVF protocols: Statistics and acupuncture research; IVF drugs and their functions, protocols, costs, success rates. Effects of age on fertility; Egg freezing; Acupuncture research protocols; Protocols vs holistic treatment; Case study.

    6.5 hrs - 8.5 hrs

    The journey from conception to established pregnancy. Embryonic development; Ectopic pregnancy; Abortion & miscarriage - causes: luteal defect, PCOS, diabetes, DNA fragmentation, immune mechanisms, APS, endometrial thickness, age; Case studies

    8.5 hrs - 10 hrs

    Factors in conception and sustained pregnancy (Part A): Endometriosis, PCOS, Epilepsy, Case studies

    10 hrs - 11.5 hrs

    Factors in conception and sustained pregnancy (Part B): Infections; Diabetes, Thyroid disease, Abdominal complications; Abruptio placentae; IUGR, Pre-eclampsia; Menstrual irregularity; Lifestyle factors; Case studies

    11.5 hrs - 12.25 hrs

    Effects of vaccination on pregnancy and reproductive health. Considerations: Pros and Cons; Separating fact from fiction; Sorting out the half-truths; Hypothesis vs substantiated fact

    12.25 hrs - 13 hrs

    Superfertility: Superfetation; Superfecundation; Useful herbal formulas to consider, Case study analysis

    Gynaecology & Female Health: Clinical Insights - Course 2

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    About Robin Marchment

    Robin Marchment BA (Hons), BHSc (Acup), Adv Dip HS (TCM), Cert Gyn (China), Dip Lang (Chinese) Robin is a registered herbalist and acupuncturist, having completed internships at Chinese hospitals in Guangxi and Xi’An where her focus was on gynaecology. She has over 20 years’ clinical experience, running a private practice that centres on women’s and children’s health and attendance in childbirth. She has lectured in Chinese medicine at major Australian universities and colleges, and worked in various capacities for Australian government authorities in the regulatory area of health practice and Chinese medicine. She is the author of Gynaecology Revisited, a text addressing the need for Chinese medicine practitioners to better understand Western medical approaches to gynaecology and obstetrics whilst maintaining the integrity of the Chinese medicine paradigm. She also authored Chinese for TCM Practitioners and co-authored Shang Han Lun Explained, which is a translation and discussion of the seminal text on Chinese medicine written by Zhang Zhong Jing in the 2nd century AD. Robin is passionate about supporting women through every phase of life, sharing her advanced knowledge and clinical experience in the field of Chinese medicine, and advocating for the profession.

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