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CEUs/PDAs 1.5
Approved: Florida (1.5), NCCAOM (1.5), Standard Certificate (1.5) Pending: California
LENGTH 1.5 Hours
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Course Overview
The postpartum period is often given less focus than it deserves. Chinese medicine offers both proactive (preventative/supportive) treatment as well as treatment for specific disorders.

This course is an excerpt from the complete course "Pregnancy Childbirth and the Postpartum" (Course 1.5) where all three areas are discussed, and where explanations, case studies and treatments are more detailed. Nevertheless, this course covers the key points and gives an overview of 12 case studies and the principles of treatment.

We examine the maternal physiological changes e the maternal physiological changes in the 3 stages of the puerperium or postpartum period to understand more clearly what is affecting our clients and from there, how we can be more effective in our treatments. The course covers the many areas of physical and emotional health affected, and the three types of postnatal depression are discussed.

Genuine cases from Robin's clinic are shared, covering 12 commonly encountered situations including recovery from termination and miscarriage, support of healing in a non-healing episiotomy wound, anxiety and dizziness, fatigue and poor milk supply, lethargy and weight gain, fatigue and distress, nipple thrush, persistent postpartum hemorrhage and hair loss, prolapse, hemorrhoids and postnatal depression.
  • Understand maternal physiology in the puerperium, the effects of pregnancy on the mother, the tissues and systems affected (including cardiovascular and hormonal changes), involution and the physical and emotional demands of caring for a new baby.
  • Understand the three types of postnatal depression, their implications, and when to refer.
  • Know the various approaches of Chinese medicine in diagnosis and treatment, the underlying patterns, and the need for an individualised approach through the examination of 12 case studies on disorders commonly seen in the postpartum.
  • Outline
    0 hrs - 15 min

    Overview of postpartum care, the rationale of treatment, what can be treated, and the value of proactive treatment.

    15 min - 45 min

    Stages of the puerperium; Involution of the uterus; Effects of pregnancy and childbirth on organs, ligaments, tissues, bone density, cardiovascular system, haematology; Pelvic prolapses; Metabolic and hormonal changes.

    45 min - 1 hrs

    The three types of postnatal depression, their implications, and when to refer.

    1 hrs - 1.5 hrs

    Examination and evaluation of clinical cases; Identification of the rationale of various approaches in respect of the presentation; Reason for herb selection; Useful patent formulas; Clinic considerations.

    What People Are Saying

    Rich in practical approach and depth of knowledge Wonderful presentation for all levels of practice.

    Danielle T.- Australia

    very good course.

    Roya A.- Canada

    Very highly recommended.

    Ran L.- New Zealand

    Very thoughtful presentation with so much clinical experience. Thank you.

    Monica F.- United States of America

    Gynaecology & Female Health: Clinical Insights - Course 4

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    About Robin Marchment

    Robin Marchment BA (Hons), BHSc (Acup), Adv Dip HS (TCM), Cert Gyn (China), Dip Lang (Chinese) Robin is a registered herbalist and acupuncturist, having completed internships at Chinese hospitals in Guangxi and Xi’An where her focus was on gynaecology. She has over 20 years’ clinical experience, running a private practice that centres on women’s and children’s health and attendance in childbirth. She has lectured in Chinese medicine at major Australian universities and colleges, and worked in various capacities for Australian government authorities in the regulatory area of health practice and Chinese medicine. She is the author of Gynaecology Revisited, a text addressing the need for Chinese medicine practitioners to better understand Western medical approaches to gynaecology and obstetrics whilst maintaining the integrity of the Chinese medicine paradigm. She also authored Chinese for TCM Practitioners and co-authored Shang Han Lun Explained, which is a translation and discussion of the seminal text on Chinese medicine written by Zhang Zhong Jing in the 2nd century AD. Robin is passionate about supporting women through every phase of life, sharing her advanced knowledge and clinical experience in the field of Chinese medicine, and advocating for the profession.

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