KPC Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan L0830 - 120 Tablets

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Rehmannia (Root, SHENG DI HUANG), Ginseng (Root, REN SHEN), Poria (Fungus, FU LING), Polygala (Root, YUAN ZHI), Acorus (Rhizome, SHI CHANG PU), Scrophularia (Root, XUAN SHEN), Biota (Seed, BAI ZI REN), Platycodon (Root, JIE GENG), Asparagus (Tuber, TIAN MEN DONG), Salvia (Root, DAN SHEN), Zizyphus (Seed, SUAN ZAO REN), Licorice (Root, GAN CAO), Ophiopogon (Tuber, MAI MEN DONG), Stemona (Root, BAI BU), Eucommia (Bark, DU ZHONG), Root Poria (Fungus, FU SHEN), Tangkuei (Root, DANG GUI), Schizandra (Fruit, WU WEI ZI)
Our story traces back five generations and begins when our ancestor, Tsai Liang Hai, sailed across the strait from the Fujian province to a small village in Taiwan in 1892. He had spent more than 20 years selecting herbs and mastering the art of herbal remedy before his arrival in Taiwan. Once he arrived at his new home, Tsai treated the various ailments of the people in his Taiwanese village and shared his in-depth knowledge of cultivating fine herbs as a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Tsai’s generous spirit and hard work earned him respect from the town, where he planted the seed to our legacy as a family. That experience is now the foundation of KPC Products, as generations afterward have also committed themselves to offer the best herbs available for therapeutic purposes. Though we have grown tremendously since our humble beginnings, KPC remains consistent in the mission instilled by Tsai: provide only the highest quality herbs.

At KPC Products, we understand the importance of providing the highest quality herbs to our distributors, practitioners, and their patients. We recognize our success can be attributed to a unique combination of stringent manufacturing, processing and quality control practices, industry expertise and a strong respect for the family values that have helped our company grow. When your herbs come from KPC Products, you can rest assured that they have been assessed and reassessed for quality, safety and efficacy, because we have your best interests at heart.
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