Longevity Medium Grade Moxa

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Longevity Medium Grade Moxa provides an affordable, quality option for all your moxibustion needs. This Chinese loose moxa is easy to shape or roll, has a 3:1 mugwort-to-moxa ratio, and may be used for direct or semi-direct treatments. Available in packages of 50 grams.

• Easy to shape
• 3:1 ratio
• Medium Grade
Longevity™wellness products developed by Lhasa OMS, Inc., are dedicated to promoting holistic health and longevity through traditional Chinese medicine practices. With a deep understanding of ancient healing techniques and a commitment to quality, Longevity strives to provide exceptional products that enhance well-being and support a balanced lifestyle. Materials are sourced from reputable suppliers, ensuring authenticity and adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety. We are committed to upholding the integrity of these ancient healing arts while embracing modern advancements. Our aim is to empower practitioners to support their patient’s optimal health and longevity through the integration of time-honored therapies and modern innovation.
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