DBC™ Moxa Burner

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A safe, effective, and easy-to-use Korean moxa burner with several very helpful features.

*Cover of burner unscrews for inserting moxa cone onto net (mesh) in middle of device. Heat then passes up through mesh in cover and down through burner mesh.

*Bottom of burner unscrews to control level of heat reaching treatment area. Moxa may be adjusted to burn from approximately 1½” to approximately 2” from bottom of burner.

*Up to 3 burners may be secured to a belt (enclosed) and comfortably attached around waist or abdomen. Also works well with moxa pads for areas such as shoulders or back.

*Body, cover and base made of heat-resistant ABS plastic. Cover mesh and net (mesh) for holding moxa cone made of stainless steel. Inside cover is ceramic .

*Burner measures 2 ¾ “ diameter X 2 ¾ “ high.

*Recommended for use with DBC™ Charcoal Smokeless Moxa Cones.
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