14 Piece Glass Cupping Set

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Lightweight, Sturdy Glass Cups
This 14-piece glass cupping set is modern, sturdy, and sleek, with hand suction and transparent glass to help control and monitor the suction process ensuring a safe and effective environment. Lightweight, thin walled, sturdy glass cups offer a comfortable feeling on the skin and are easy to clean and maintain, allowing for durability and long-term repeated use. The cups create a gentle suction, helping to promote increased blood flow, aid in releasing tension and toxins from the muscles, as well as offering many other benefits. Set of 14 includes 8 of the 1.8" diameter cups and 1 each of the 1.5", 1.4", 1.3", 1.2", 1" and .8" diameter cups. Also includes a straight hand pump and carrying case.
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