Premio 10 Moxa

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Moxibustion therapy without smoke, odor, or ash
Sedatelec has replicated the beneficial therapeutic qualities of burning moxa in portable infrared (IR) emitter. Premio 10 Moxa delivers over 10,000 hours of infrared heat while the ergonomic design of the Premio 10 Moxa allows the flexibility to treat all parts of the body easily. For auricular and localized therapy use the Concentrator, a removable accessory, to focus and provide deep penetrating heat to the underlying tissue.

The unit features a One Touch on/off button and is ready to use in 10 seconds. It comes with the Concentrator, a flexible 10 ft cord, and a carrying case. Rapid, refined, and remarkably consistent infrared heat for the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis, muscle spasm, and more. Safe for treating scalp points or tender points that would otherwise be avoided. Move through treatment sequences more efficiently and with better control for the heat source, as compared to traditional methods. With an equivalent emission spectrum to burning moxa, the IR emitter of the Premio 10 Moxa brings the right heat to the right place.

Free cradle included while supplies last!

Warranty: 2 years, excludes cord

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