Premio 10 Moxa

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Moxibustion therapy without smoke, ash, or odor

The Sedatelec Premio 10 replicates the beneficial therapeutic qualities of moxibustion in a portable infrared (IR) emitter. With an equivalent emission spectrum to burning moxa but none of the smoke, ash, or odor, it provides rapid, refined, and remarkably consistent infrared heat for the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis, muscle spasm, and is safe for treating scalp points or tender points that may otherwise be avoided. For auricular and localized therapy the Concentrator accessory focuses and provides deep-penetrating heat to the underlying tissue. Compared to traditional methods the Premio 10 allows treatment sequences to be moved through more efficiently and with better control of the heat source.

The Premio 10 delivers over 10,000 hours of infrared heat while its ergonomic design provides the flexibility to treat all parts of the body easily. The unit features a One Touch on/off button and is ready to use in 10 seconds. It comes with the Concentrator, a flexible 10' cord, and a carrying case. The Premio 10 includes a USB charging cord and a medical power supply unit. It may also be used with a protected external 5V battery with an insulating envelope that delivers no more than 3A.

Free cradle included while supplies last!

Warranty: 2 years, excludes cord

Download an informative brochure for the Sedatelec Premio 10.

Medical Power Supply Unit: 100/240V, 50/60Hz delivering 5V between 1.5 and 3A

How long does it take to reach the optimal heat?
About ten seconds.

How do I clean my device?
Clean with a 70% alcohol wipe between each patient. Do not immerse.

Why does my device not turn on?
Check that the power supply is properly connected to a working outlet and that all cords are connected.

Sedatelec, is a public limited companies (SAS) with a capital of 160 000 euros specialized in the design and distribution of medical equipment.

Located in France, near Lyon, it employs 20 people and exports about 80% of its production, in more than 40 countries, in Europe and the rest of the world.

Founded in 1978, Sedatelec worked with Doctor Paul Nogier, the father of Auriculotherapy and developed the first sterile semi-permanent ear needle, the ASP®.

It also created the first electronic devices and lasers for doctors carrying out this new medical technique.

As a result of the development and diffusion of Auriculotherapy then Auriculomedicine, the second technique developed by Dr. Nogier, the activity of Sedatelec has developed and is continuing to extend throughout the world. Thereafter, it expanded its market to acupuncture and progressively to other forms of alternative medicine (Reflexology, Photonotherapy®, Etiomedicine, etc..).

Dr. Paul Nogier (1908-1996), a neurophysiologist fascinated by acupuncture, homeopathy and psychology, demonstrated in the beginnings of the 1950s, that certain points on the external ear corresponded to organs or systems and that their distribution corresponded to the image of an inverted foetus. This representation, now recognized world-wide, is the basis for the practice of Auriculotherapy.

Sedatelec is dedicated to complying with the most up-to-date regulations governing health products, and always takes the greatest care when it comes to product safety and quality.
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