Premio 40 Medical Examination Light

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The Premio 40 Medical Examination Light from Sedatelec provides high precision color stimulation and detection. This excellent, easy-to-use, wireless diagnostic tool has an ergonomical design and is ideal for auriculomedicine, photonic medicine, and chromotherapy. Includes case, battery, USB charger, support disc, and 1 Ø2 mm and 1 Ø5 cm nozzle.

• Adjustable intensity, the lower (detection) on 4 levels and the higher (stimulation) on 6 levels
• Selection of frequencies from A to G and L frequency, in basic frequencies with the possibility to use higher harmonics.
• Variation of frequencies from -30% to +30% in 5% intervals.
• Automatic scanning function for all the frequencies and all the percentages
• Laterality test with the beating function (BF, HF, HF + BF)

Warranty: 2 years
Why are the keyboard LEDs blinking?
This is set-up mode where you select the detection light intensity. Press "F" or "%" to choose between 4 different intensity levels. To set your choice or switch to detection mode press the on/off button.

Why is the emitted light blinking?
This is how the fundamental Nogier frequencies (2.28, 4.56 Hz, etc..) appear to the eye. To apply the higher harmonic frequencies (292, 584 Hz, etc..) press "F" for 3 seconds; these frequencies will not appear to blink.

What is the battery life and charging time?
The supplied rechargeable battery lasts 3-5 hours on average, depending on the intensity and frequency selected and takes up to 3 hours for a full charge.

Why are two percentages showing on the keyboard?
The percentage variation is 5%. If two numbers are displayed it means that you are between them. For example, if 10% and 20% are displaying you are at 15%.

Can I use the device with my old Sedatelec filters?
Yes, all Sedatelec filters are compatible with the Premio 40.

Which are the different Premio 40 modes?
Mode 1 GIR: Use the Nogier frequencies with -30% to +30% variations
Mode 2 DB: Check laterality with BF (3.79 Hz) and HF (8.74 Hz) frequencies
Mode 3 Continuous: Stimulate with continuous light from 780 to 51,500 Lux

White or colored light may be used in any mode with Sedatelec filters or discs.

How do you know which mode you are in and how do you switch between them?
Mode 1: One frequency and one percentage are displaying.
Mode 2: BF and/or HF are displaying.
Mode 3: G, L, and +30% are displaying.

A brief click of the arrow button changes between modes 1 and 3. Pressing the arrow button for 2 seconds changes between modes 1 and 2.

How can I switch from a low light intensity stimulation to a high light intensity stimulation?
In modes 1 or 2 you can change between low and high stimulation by briefly pressing the on/off button. Ine mode 3 the light intensity may be varied between 7 levels by briefly pressing the "%" button to increase it or the "F" button to decrease it.

Is there a way to insert the disc into the device?
The side which shows the color numbers must be facing the practitioner. The number visible on the disc is the projected color.

What does BF and HF mean?
When you are in mode 2 - DB165 for laterality:
• BF is low frequency (3.79 Hz)
• HF is high frequency (8.74 Hz)

Is it possible to do a frequency or percentage scanning?
Yes. When you are in mode 1 you can activate the automatic scanning of the frequencies from A to G by pressing "F" for 2 seconds. To stop it press "F" briefly. For an automatic scan in 5% increments press "%" for 2 seconds. To stop it press "%" briefly.

What are the nozzles used for?
The nozzles are used to focus the light according to the size of the area you want to illuminate
• ~2 mm: use the auricular nozzle
• 5-10 cm: use the inox nozzle
• 10+ cm: do not use use a nozzle

How is the device shut off?
Press the on/off button for three seconds.

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