Premio 40 Medical Examination Light

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The Premio 40 Medical Examination Light from Sedatelec provides high precision color stimulation and detection. This excellent, easy-to-use, wireless diagnostic tool has an ergonomical design and is ideal for auriculomedicine, photonic medicine, and chromotherapy. Includes case, battery, USB charger, support disc, and 1 Ø2 mm and 1 Ø5 cm nozzle.

• Adjustable intensity, the lower (detection) on 4 levels and the higher (stimulation) on 6 levels
• Selection of frequencies from A to G and L frequency, in basic frequencies with the possibility to use higher harmonics.
• Variation of frequencies from -30% to +30% in 5% intervals.
• Automatic scanning function for all the frequencies and all the percentages
• Laterality test with the beating function (BF, HF, HF + BF)

Warranty: 2 years
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