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LENGTH 2 Hours
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REGULATIONS Approved: California (2), Florida (2), IVAS (2), NCCAOM (2), Standard Certificate (2)
Course Overview
Treatment protocols and specific points for diseases are found in many textbooks. However, these "textbook" protocols and prescriptions often lack relevant clinical details making their use seem somewhat experimental. In this course, Dr. Christine Chang will reveal the most powerful acupuncture points for over 25 conditions commonly seen in clinic. Based on her years of clinical practice and teaching experience, she will provide all the clinical details and nuances of these "Extra Special" points so that you can successfully and confidently apply them in your practice.
  • Learn specific clinically effective acupuncture points for common conditions.
  • Gain an understanding of how to approach and use these acupuncture points, including location, angulation, and depth.
  • Learn important differentiating qualities of various conditions that you the practitioner must understand so that you can treat each patient?s conditions uniquely (ex. Types of insomnia and how to treat each type differently).
  • Review the basics: how do various TCM diagnoses appear (ex. Qi deficiency versus yang deficiency) and how to treat patients based off of these diagnoses instead of treating patients from a Western medical diagnosis.
  • Outline
    0 hrs - 30 min

    Headaches, Stiff neck, Bell?s Palsy and Meniere? Syndrome - Acupuncture point protocols are covered.

    30 min - 1 hrs

    Knee pain, Ankle pain, Heel pain - Acupuncture point protocols are explored.

    1 hrs - 1.5 hrs

    Low back pain, Internal disease, Heart conditions - Acupuncture point protocols are covered.

    1.5 hrs - 2 hrs

    Liver conditions, Urinary conditions, Thyroid conditions - Acupuncture point protocols are covered.

    What People Are Saying

    An excellent presenter - very clear and to the point as well as engaging. I would love to see a live seminar by Christine.

    Elise B.- New Zealand

    Dr Chang has a wealth knowledge and experience to share, especially for those who are interested in the clinical applications of Master Tung's points.

    Melissa Jane d.- Canada

    You learn a lot in a short time and if nothing else it gives you fast choices for the first visit if you are a little lost.

    Joel W.- Canada

    Very informative course with lots of practical/clinically-relevant treatment strategies.

    Deirdre J.- Canada

    Great teacher with a wealth of knowledge

    William M.- United States of America

    I enjoyed this course very much.

    Wendy C.- Canada

    Information packed very useful and well explained. Exceptional speaker!

    Robin H.- United States

    The needling information for Ling Gu / Da Bai alone is worth the price. Great practical information that I've already seen clinical results with.

    ronald h.- United States

    I really enjoyed this course, the instructor, and the material. Very helpful and a good review of the subject matter.

    Katrina W.- United States

    Clinically Powerful Points for Dynamic Treatment Results

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    About Christine Chang

    Dr. Christine Chang is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and a Licensed Acupuncturist in California. She is certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). Dr. Chang currently serves as a faculty member at Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine, where for the past decade she has been teaching classes on Herbal Formulas, Chinese Nutrition, Chinese Medical Language, Chinese Patent Medicines, and is a clinical supervisor in the student clinic and local Venice Free Clinic. She had held the position of pharmacy director at Emperor’s College, supervising the herbal pharmacy while concurrently training students on herbal dispensary practices. Since 2003 she has located her private practice in Santa Monica, CA. Since 2004, Dr. Chang has been the interpreter for the lectures of Dr. Wei Chieh Young, the last living direct disciple of Master Tung Ching-Chang, one of the foremost authorities on the Shang Hun Lun and I-Ching and one of legendary TCM doctors.

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