Sound Healing - Vibrational Healing with Ohm Tuning Forks (2nd Edition)

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DVD Included

A Practical Manual and DVD. (Tuning Fork Not Included)

The manual features:

An exploration into the healing aspects of vibration, sound and music. Includes 25 illustrated treatment protocols for treating others and for self treatments as well as additional illustrations and photos.

The new second edition includes an 8-page color section introducing over 30 treatment photos.

The DVD demonstrates:

The proper tuning fork technique, proper pace of application and body mechanics. Include 20 protocols for treating others, including a treatment with signing bowls.

122 Pages, DVD - 26 Minutes

“For several years, I have included sound therapy and tuning forks in patient treatment as part of a clinical research program. Ohm Tuning Forks have proved beneficial to ease stress and tension. Patients not only enjoy the treatments but it provides an educational opportunity to highlight the healing aspects of integrative therapies. Ohm Therapeutics products and support services are professional, reliable, and a pleasure to use.”

~ Nada Milosavljevic MD, JD
Director, Integrative Health Program, Massachusetts General Hospital
Instructor, Harvard Medical School

“Ohm Therapeutics is an integral part of my acupuncture practice. After I place the needles, I tone the tuning forks and have my patients listen to the Ohm vibration, and then place the tuning forks near the points I have needled. A sympathetic resonance seems to occur when the tuning forks are used in conjunction with the needles; the vibration travels deeply to quicken the flow of Qi through the energetic pathways. Other beneficial points include master and couple points of the extraordinary meridians, source points, and Window of the Sky points. I also get great results using the tuning forks on patients who have an aversion to needles. And pediatric patients love the tuning forks!”

~ Paulette Marin, D.O.M., NCCAOM
Certified in acupuncture and Chinese Herbology, Licensed and practicing in New Mexico,
Faculty member at Southwest Acupuncture College in Santa Fe, NM