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LENGTH 4 Hours
Course TYPE Studio Recording
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REGULATIONS Approved: California (4), Florida (4), IVAS (4), NCCAOM (4), Standard Certificate (4)
Course Overview
Offering a new perspective on development, this course shares a concept which combines both Eastern and Western knowledge and understanding. It is presented half through video and half through follow-along reading materials, in a comprehensive learning experience that offers practical approaches to support healthy baby development, parents, and families. In the first year of life, an important development window occurs, as key sensory-motor milestones and our emerging meridian blueprint start to lay the foundations for future development. The Developmental Concept aims to bring the Western knowledge of neuroscience, developmental physiology and psychology into alignment with the knowledge and experience of Eastern Medicine and meridian theory. When viewed together as a holistic concept, we can also gain insights into themes which link our early development to topics and presentations in our later school years or adult life. This course starts at the beginning phase of life in the world, learning what it means to 'find our centre' and our sense of boundaries and how to support this. You may be a practitioner working with babies and children, or have an interest in the topic of development. The course comprises practical and theoretical information along with comprehensive notes. It is also accessible for interested parents and care-givers, with practical support such as handling methods and tips for baby's everyday life. The Developmental Concept is the result of many years of research and clinical experience by Karin Kalbantner-Wernicke and Dr Thomas Wernicke.
  • Gain an understanding of the philosophy and overview of the Developmental Concept.
  • Gain a basic understanding of infant development from the Eastern and Western view in the first few months of a newborn.
  • Describe some of the key themes which relate to the developmental concept Finding the Centre and the topic of the Front Family.
  • Identify the group of meridians which comprise the Front Family.
  • Understand links between early development and difficulties in later years.
  • Learn appropriate handling methods.
  • Develop awareness of KISS Syndrome and how it presents.
  • Be able to offer supportive suggestions for parents which connect to this developmental topic.
  • Learn some ?everyday? tips that will help support baby at this stage.
  • Outline
    0 hrs - 30 min

    Videos on the Philosophy and Introduction to the Developmental Concept

    30 min - 1 hrs

    Reading material for the Philosophy and Introduction to the Developmental Concept

    1 hrs - 1.5 hrs

    Videos on the Developmental Topic: Finding the Centre and the Front Family ? sensory-motor milestones of development and the developing meridians.

    1.5 hrs - 2 hrs

    Reading material for the Developmental Topic: Finding the Centre and the Front Family ? sensory-motor milestones of development and the developing meridians

    2 hrs - 2.5 hrs

    Videos on Handling to support healthy development

    2.5 hrs - 3 hrs

    Reading material for Handling to support healthy development

    3 hrs - 3.5 hrs

    Video on KISS Syndrome?an introduction

    3.5 hrs - 4 hrs

    Reading material for KISS Syndrome?an introduction

    Developmental Concept: Finding the Centre

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    About Karin Kalbantner-Wernicke

    Karin Kalbantner-Wernicke is a qualified Shiatsu teacher (GSD) and Physical Therapist with additional training in children´s physiotherapy. She is Program Coordinator and Lecturer for University Certification Program for Developmental Support. She has devoted herself to research that combines the: Western medical framework - incorporating child development from a psychomotility perspective, with developmental physiology and child education therapy, and Sino-Japanese philosophy and training. Based on this research she developed together with Thomas the energetic development concept. Since over 30 years her work as a lecturer in Shiatsu for adults, children and babies takes her abroad on a regular basis to many European countries, to the US, Japan, and Australia. She developed the Samurai Program which found its way into schools, kindergartens, and elder people´s home in more than 10 countries inside and outside of Europe. As an author of over 100 publications and numerous textbooks, some in several languages (Engl., French, Dutch, Hungarian, Span., Russ., Japan., Arab.), she is a pioneer of a shiatsu for babies and children adapted by the current state of scientific knowledge

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