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Three Immortals is based on the formula Er Xian Tang, developed in Shanghai to treat menopausal symptoms due to yin and blood deficiency with upward floating of yang. Herbs from Two Extremes Pills (er zhi wan) and licorice and red dates decoction (gan mai da zao tang) have been added to complete the therapeutic picture for the complex symptom profile seen in American women with menopause. Curculingo (xian mao), morinda (bai ji tian), and epimedium (yin yang huo) warm kidney yang and nourish jing (kidney essence). Epimedium nourishes yin and prevents liver yang from rising. Eclipta (han lian cao) and ligustrum (nu zhen zi) nourish yin. Moutan (mu dan pi) removes heat from the blood and invigorates blood circulation. Phellodendron (huang bai), anemarrhena (zhi mu), and lycium (di gu pi) nourish kidney yin and drains deficient heat. Licorice (gan cao) clears heat. Red date (da zao) and tang kuei (dang gui) nourish blood.
Epimedium leaf (yin yang huo), Morinda root (ba ji tian), Tang Kuei root (dang gui), Curculingo rhizome (xian mao), Eclipta herb (han lian cao), Ligustrum fruit (nu zhen zi), Moutan root bark (mu dan pi), Lycium cortex (di gu pi), Anemarrhena root (zhi mu), Phellodendron cortex (huang bai), Licorice root (gan cao), Red Date fruit (da zao)
For more than a decade, Health Concerns has been in the forefront of research in herbal medicine, and was the first company to manufacture herbal products in the United States for practitioners. Its founder, Andrew Gaeddert, is an herbalist, lecturer, author of numerous books on herbal medicine, and committed to improving community health. He assisted in the development of clinical trials with HIV patients in 1992, and has been on the protocol team of a study to investigate the effects of Chinese herbs on chronic diarrhea, and an anemia study sponsored by the NIH Office of Alternative Medicine.

Health Concerns formulas are created on the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern biochemistry and developed by experienced practitioners such as Mr. Gaeddert, Dr. Fong, and Misha Cohen. They are targeted to treat specific disorders, and manufactured under strict quality control. All are continually tested to ensure optimum effectiveness, potency, and maximum bioavailability.
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