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CEUs/PDAs 5.5
LENGTH 5.5 Hours
Course TYPE Recorded Seminar
ACCESS Mobile, Desktop, Tablet
NOTES Notes are provided with this course.
REGULATIONS Approved: NCCAOM (5.5), Standard Certificate (5.5)
Course Overview
Please Note: This course is presented in both German and English side-by-side. The lecture is verbally translated simultaneously during the presentation. This course is about the Japanese Kampo treatment of skin disorders and allergies. It presents simple and effective treatment strategies, taking into account the constitution and the age of the patient. Here, the three types of constitution as described by the famous Japanese Kampo doctor Mori Douhaku are presented with their respective treatment strategies. On top of that, other Kampo formulas for the treatment of skin disorders like eczema, urticaria, alopecia areata, acne, boils, furunculosis, carbuncles, ulcers etc. are discussed.
  • Understand Japanese Kampo ideas of constitution
  • Understand and use Japanese herbal Kampo strategies to treat the different constitution types
  • Learn and use Japanese herbal Kampo strategies to treat the skin disorders and allergies
  • Outline
    0 hrs - 30 min

    Introduction to Kampo Medicine

    30 min - 1.25 hrs

    Introduction to the famous Kampo physician Mori Douhaku

    1.25 hrs - 1.5 hrs

    Mori Douhaku's three constitution types and five formulas for their treatment

    1.5 hrs - 2 hrs

    The blood stasis type and its treatment

    2 hrs - 2.5 hrs

    The organ toxin type and its treatment

    2.5 hrs - 3.5 hrs

    The dissolved toxins type and its treatment

    3.5 hrs - 5.5 hrs

    Other Kampo herbal formulas for the treatment of skin disorders and allergies

    Japanese Herbal Medical Strategies for the Treatment of Skin Disorders and Allergies

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    About Andreas Kalg

    Andreas Kalg, doctor of Chinese medicine (PR China), naturopath since 1993, in his own practice in Herborn, Hesse. Studied TCM at the Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, PR China, with a Master's degree in TCM in 2009 and a doctorate in TCM in 2014. 2013 Foundation of the Jing-Fang-Institute Germany together with Prof. Huang Huang and Dietmar Wohl for the research and dissemination of classical Chinese medicine - Since 2009 numerous publications and teaching activities in Germany and Switzerland Publications: - Huang Huang’s Handbuch „Die Klassischen Rezepturen der Chinesischen Medizin in der modernen Praxis“, Müller & Steinicke, 2010 - Chinesische Heilpflanzen – Wesensmerkmale und klinische Anwendung, Elsevier, 2009 - Andrologie-Kapiel in: Claudia Focks (Hrsg.) „Leitfaden Chinesische Medizin“ 6. Auflage, Elsevier, 2010 - TCM PHYTOMAGISTER, Computerprogramm für Chinesische Heilkräuter - Behandlung von Schilddrüsenerkrankungen mit Chinesischer Medizin, Praxisreihe Traditionelle Chinesische Medizin Band 5, Müller & Steinicke, 2019

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