My Zen Chen Pi Body Oil

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Designed to stimulate the skin and help keep pores open, My Zen (formerly Mei Zen) Chen Pi Body Oil encourages perspiration, can improve the skin’s overall health, and balance fat distribution. Commonly used when doing vigorous rubbing to stimulate blood circulation, the lymphatic system, and help eliminate toxins. Often used with gua sha for cellulite treatment and to stimulate Qi.
* Contains no parabens, phthalates, endangered plants, or minerals, or gluten.

The 4 key ingredients that help Chen Pi promote healthy skin
* Rosemary oil - helps detox and relieve bloating.
* Vitamin E in grape seed oil - helps keep skin firm and smooth.
* Citrus peel - removes stagnation.
* Cypress - helps remove fat through urination. Also used for detoxification.

To Use:
Shake before using.
Put a small amount on the area to be treated and vigorously massage the area to move stagnation.
Apply once or twice daily on face and neck.

Available in: 4 fl oz bottle
My Zen Cosmetics is a biogenic, small-batch, artisan-crafted line of skin care products founded by Martha Lucas, Ph.D., L.Ac, and Eujenia Renfroe, Master Aesthetician. Their goal was to create a unique line of high quality products that are natural, effective, and rooted in the tradition of Chinese medicine.

Martha runs Cosmetic Acupuncture Seminars and is a leading practitioner and teacher of both cosmetic and therapeutic acupuncture. She helped create the My Zen cosmetic acupuncture system in 2003. Eujenia creates the formulas for all My Zen products, blending her knowledge of modern skin care ingredients with aromatherapeutic and Ayurvedic approaches to skin care.

All My Zen products have a high vegetable carbon index, and make every effort to use sustainable organic ingredients.
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