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CEUs/PDAs 2.5
LENGTH 2.5 Hours
Course TYPE Recorded Webinar
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REGULATIONS Approved: NCCAOM (2.5), Standard Certificate (2.5)
Course Overview
Modern illness is the phenomena of chronic inflammation manifested in many zang fu pathologies. It presents unique challenges for our health care system because it is often misdiagnosed and is always difficult to treat due to the nature of internal disease. This course reviews Concepts of Immunology in Chinese Medicine as related to patterns associated with chronic inflammatory diseases specifically as they relate to the significance of foreign antigens leading to chronic inflammation, the consequences of prolonged sympathetic nervous system engagement and the pathogenesis of deep-lying infection. The course presents an objective overview of infection by injection and the concept of guest pathogens as a possible pathway to chronic inflammation and persistent illness: from the initial allergic reaction and histamine response through the post-infection evolvement process to the pathogenic states of modern illnesses. Within the context of TCM, the immune reaction and functional disturbances caused by infection by injection are analyzed according to pattern differentiation, stages of disease and zang fu pathologies. The concepts of Connective Tissue Integrity and a Five Element Core Constitution Analysis are introduced as a means of assessing susceptibility factors for adverse events and possible post vaccine syndrome outcomes for individual patients.
  • Understand the TCM biomechanics of immune function as it relates to chronic inflammation
  • Understand the TCM biomechanics of immune function as it relates to infection by injection
  • Recognize signs/symptoms of allergic reactions associated with vaccination
  • Recognize post vaccine evolvement elements of chronic illnesses and identify TCM patterns commonly associated with post vaccine syndromes
  • Be able to articulate a basic understanding of vaccines, including types of vaccines and the use of adjuvants, new gene expansion & nanotechnology vaccines, and current public health trends
  • Outline
    0 hrs - 15 min

    Modern Illness & Current Public Health Trends

    15 min - 45 min

    The Allergic Reaction & Histamine Response

    45 min - 1.25 hrs

    Fu Zheng Qu Xie: Differential Diagnosis & Zang Fu Pathology Evolvement

    1.25 hrs - 1.75 hrs

    Vaccine Biological Components: Accumulating Toxins & Guest Pathogens

    1.75 hrs - 2.25 hrs

    Connective Tissue Integrity & Core Constitution for Risk Assessment

    2.25 hrs - 2.5 hrs

    COVID Vaccines: Genetic Engineering & Emerging Nanotechnology

    Modern Illness, Chronic Inflammation & Our Future Patients

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    About Toni Krehel

    In family practice for over 20 years, Dr. Toni Krehel, AP specializes in the treatment of persistent illnesses & chronic inflammation (Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy and Microcurrent Therapy). As the Florida director for the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) since 2001, Dr. Krehel advocates/educates for medical freedom and informed consent rights for doctors & patients, and she has been instrumental in changing policies in the State of Florida to advance and protect these rights. Author of numerous articles and two continuing education courses on post vaccine syndromes, Krehel educates patients, students & the public on the side effects & pathways of chronic disease progression post vaccination per TCM principles of immunology.

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