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LENGTH 6 Hours
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Course Overview
Mental health issues are the most common reason that children and teenagers come for acupuncture treatment. Many of these children are vulnerable and sensitive and are therefore not ready to accept needles. It is essential to have a wide-ranging tool kit so that we can deliver the treatment they need in other ways. In this four part webinar series, we will explore in detail the use of the following non-needle protocols and how they can be used in clinic to support a child's mental health: - Moxa - Cupping - Gua sha - Low level laser therapy - Shonishin - E-stim You may be familiar with the use of modalities such as moxibustion and cupping in your adult practice, but unaware of the ways they can effectively be applied in the treatment of paediatric conditions, specifically mental/emotional problems such as anxiety and depression. This webinar has a practical focus, and will enable you to immediately start applying what you have learned effectively in your paediatric clinic. There will be a chance to ask questions, have discussion and bring case histories.
  • Understand the key pathologies seen in paediatric mental health conditions
  • Understand the basic theory behind the use of a wide range of non-invasive methods in the treatment of paediatric mental health conditions
  • Learn how to safely and effectively use a wide range of non-invasive methods in the treatment of paediatric mental health conditions
  • Outline
    0 hrs - 30 min

    Review the key Organ/Pathogen and 5 Element pathologies most commonly encountered in paediatric mental health conditions

    30 min - 1.5 hrs

    Learn how laser therapy can be understood from a Chinese medicine perspective, and how a laser pen can be used in place of a needle in the clinic

    1.5 hrs - 2.5 hrs

    Learn the therapeutic benefits of moxa, e-stim, press seeds and press needles in the treatment of paediatric mental health conditions and how they can be used safely in the clinic.

    2.5 hrs - 3.5 hrs

    Learn the theory and application of shonishin in the treatment of paediatric mental health conditions and how it can be used safely in the clinic.

    3.5 hrs - 4.5 hrs

    Understand how cupping and gua sha can be used in a gentle, safe and effective way with children, and their value in the treatment of paediatric mental health conditions.

    4.5 hrs - 6 hrs

    Discuss case histories to help apply and cement the information previously presented.

    Paediatric Masterclass: Non-Needle Methods for Paediatric Mental Health

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    About Rebecca Avern

    Rebecca is a senior lecturer, clinical supervisor and teaching clinic director at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading, UK. Soon after qualifying in 2001, she spent 4 years working alongside and assisting Giovanni Maciocia in the writing of Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine. After studying paediatrics with Julian Scott, in 2012, she founded an acupuncture centre for the treatment of children in Oxford – the Panda Clinic - and her clinical work is now entirely with children. She is the author of the textbook Acupuncture for Babies, Children and Teenagers: treating both the illness and the child. She teaches paediatrics in the UK, online and internationally. Her mission is to train more acupuncturists to feel confident in treating children, to educate parents about the benefits of acupuncture for children and to enable more children to have access to treatment. She blogs for parents about all aspects of childhood from a Chinese medicine perspective (www.nurturingtheyoung.com).

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