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Developed in the late 19th century in Foshan, Guangdong Province, China, Po Chai Pills are today immensely popular worldwide. They were developed to promote the health of the inner ear, as well as the immune and gastrointestinal systems. Their unique herbal formula is fashioned into tiny pills about 4 mm in diameter that are mild, easily tolerated and fast acting.

Common uses for Po Chai:
* Relief of occasional acute symptoms of food stagnation, including epigastric pain and abdominal bloating
* Abdominal cramps
* Belching, hiccoughs, and nausea
* Motion sickness, hyperacidity, and overeating
* "Traveler’s" diarrhea and motion sickness
* Many even use Po Chai for preventing or alleviating hangovers

Po Chai Functions:
To disperse food stasis, harmonize the stomach, stop counter flow ascent of stomach qi, remove damp, dispel pathogenic factors, subdue yang, temporarily relieve pain.

To Use: Adults - Take 1 - 2 vials, 4 times a day, at least 2 hours apart.

Warning: Do not use if pregnant or nursing.
Active Ingredients Poria Cocos, Southern Tsangshu Rhizome, Patchouly Herb, Fragrant Angelica Root, Kudzu Root, Magnolia Root Bark, Massa Fermentata, Job's Tears Seed, Germinated Rice Seed, Field Mint Herb, Mum Flower, Red Citrus Peel.

Inactive Ingredients: FD&C Red No. 40
Po Chai Pills (Baoyi wan) were developed by Li Shiu Kei in Foshan, Guangdong Province, China in 1896. After the communist victory in the Chinese Civil War in 1949, the Lee family fled to Hong Kong and reestablished its company there as Li Chung Shing Tong. Its mainland business was nationalized, so there were two legal makers of Po Chai Pills, Li Chung Shing Tong (Holdings) Limited in Hong Kong; and Guangzhou Wanglaoji Pharmaceutical Company Limited in Guangzhou. A subsequent agreement limited Wanglaoji's trademark rights to Mainland China, while Li Chung Shing Tong gained the right to use the trademark in the rest of the world, including the United States.

The Solstice Medicine Company in Los Angeles imports Po Chai Pills to the United States. All its products, including Po Chai Pills, have been FDA approved with GMP accreditation.
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