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CEUs/PDAs 22.5
LENGTH 22.5 Hours
Series TYPE Recorded Webinar
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REGULATIONS Approved: California (22.5), IVAS (22.5), NCCAOM (22.5), Standard Certificate (22.5)
Series Overview
The two part series will guide you through the detailed studies of the Daoist, Alchemical, and Medical Aspects of the Heart, Kidney, Liver, and Lung. Peter Firebrace will also discuss how these organs relate to the importance of the well-being (emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually)
What People Are Saying

This is a highly engaging and passionately delivered course. A must for any practitioner of TCM, interested in working deeply with the mind-body-spirit connection.

Geha G.- Canada

I did a course from Peter Firebrace on the Red Bird and the Dark Stag. I found in both courses, Peter to be quite entertaining but found this course in particular more entertaining because of Peter's way of communicating with the audience. The songs he made and sang were fantastic to listen to. Again, as in the prior course, Peter is talented on explaining the Chinese characters and meanings of point names, which allows a student to really take in what the true strength of each word and point is.

Lynda S.- Canada

I found Peter Firebrace able to address the course information in a successful and sometime dramatic fashion which helped the attendee to grasp the knowledge with ease. I also really enjoyed how he explained the chinese characters. I found this very helpful in able to see the relations between certain points.

Lynda S.- Canada

I loved this course. Peter presented a vivid picture of the alchemical background of the heart and kidney axis. For anyone interested in this subject matter as it related to Chinese Medicine, this course is wonderful.

Geha G.- Canada

Knowing the origins of ideas behind a way of thought which leads to the development of a practice is not essential for doing a good job. However, being aware of the evolution of the concepts enhances the understanding of the dynamics on a level that allows for such expansion of your treatments.... RECIPES that work for 60 of your clients can keep you in business but being able to alter that recipe and help the other 40 - well that makes it very exciting.

Pamela M.- Canada

The Alchemy of the Organs

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About Peter Firebrace

Peter Firebrace (FBAcC) began his acupuncture studies in 1980 at the International College of Oriental Medicine (ICOM) in England, then did further studies with the European School of Acupuncture in Paris and the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Chengdu, China. He has also studied Chinese language and philosophy with the Ricci Institute in Paris. Past Principal of ICOM (1985-1990), he was a co-founder of Monkey Press, publishing the Chinese Medicine from the Classics series. Co-author of A Guide to Acupuncture, he has produced educational videos on The Roots of Chinese Medicine, The Jingluo Meridian Network and The Circle of Ren and Du Mai, a book of poems, Cloud Falls Rap, and two albums of songs and music videos on Chinese medical and Daoist themes, Sea Gong and Chinese Medicine Blues. He teaches internationally and now lives, writes and practices acupuncture by the sea in northern Denmark.

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