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Course Overview
The historical and philosophical roots of medicine are founded on racist and colonialist principles and therefore cannot provide better health for communities. Domination of the 'Other' ( marginalised groups of colour) for profit continue in everyday medical practice and biomedical interventions till the present day.
  • Individuals will understand the historical development of the philososphy of medicine and its ideas and why it came about.
  • Individuals will understand medical ‘progress’ as more subtle and insidious forms of surveillance, control and profit of bodies of colour
  • Individuals will comprehend how medical surveillance techniques may be used for control and profit of patients’ bodies.
  • Outline
    0 hrs - 15 min

    Introduction of examples Structural Racism in society

    15 min - 45 min

    Medicine based on profit (particularly from bodies of colour) due lack of philosophical and clinical emphasis on social determinants

    45 min - 1.25 hrs

    Corruption of Medical Literature, research bodies and and Institutions

    1.25 hrs - 1.75 hrs

    Historical development of episteme to dominate the ‘other’

    1.75 hrs - 2.25 hrs

    Development of theories such as Panoptism to surveil, control and profit from bodies of colour and how it is applied in medicine.

    What People Are Saying

    Crucial information for us as healthcare practitioners. Knowing the context and history under which we function makes it possible to truly work on healing whole human beings. Without this social/cultural context, we are not fully able to respond to and serve the communities under our care. We don't live in a vacuum, and this course helps fill in the gaps of what has been long hidden from our view and education. Should be required learning in our schooling.

    Henaz B.- United States of America

    Excellent course! We need more of this information out in the world.

    Nathan L.- United States of America

    Racism and Colonialism in Medicine

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    About Imran Mohammed

    Imran has over 20 years experience as a Clinician ,Teacher and Mentor. He is a Chinese Herbalist, specialising in Shang Han Lun and Jing gui Yao Lue medicine, and practitioner of Neijing style acupuncture. His Biomedical degree from King College London informs his practice and teaching. Imran is passionate about helping and supporting fellow practitioners understand and critically apply both Biomedical and Chinese medical systems to empower practitioners and patients for healthier communities. An example of Imran's community project work has been an award winning project in one of London's most deprived areas. This helped to gain the 'Integrated Health Futures Award 2005' from the Prince of Wales Foundation of Integrated Health, combining to a major health research project.

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