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Trauma Hot Compresses are herb formulas that are ground to a coarse powder and sewn into cloth pouches. The 6 compresses are intended for different degrees and types of trauma and bi patterns. Individually packaged.

Ma's Post-Trauma Soak-Compress (#8), Pain-relieving Soak-Compress (#9) and Stasis-Dissipating Soak-Compress (#10) are three steam-soaks that are good for second-stage sinew damage.

The first is a combination of the two latter formulas and is the best general formula. As the names suggest, Pain-Relieving Soak-Compress (#9) is appropriate if the pain is severe, and Stasis-Dissipating Soak-Compress (#10) is suitable for post-trauma blood stasis (especially blood-stasis joint pain).

The following soak-compresses are appropriate for treatment of either third-stage sinew damage or old injuries. They can also be used to treat patients who have just had their cast removed and suffer from stiffness and aching.

Eight Immortals Hardness-Dissipating Decoction (#11) can dissipate hard knots and relieve the aching and tightness that accompanies enduring or third-stage sinew damage. It is balanced in nature, so it can treat wind-damp bi that is either hot or cold.

Joint Injury Soak-Compress (#12) is warming. It moves qi and blood, dispels wind and is especially effective for treatment of joint pain. While it is particularly suited for joints, this formula is best used on fleshy areas.

Sinew-Penetrating Soak-Compress (#13) is a general formula for third stage trauma especially of the muscles and tendons.

Spring Wind Herbs, Inc. was founded by Andrew Ellis in 1992 as a small herb shop for the benefit of local practitioners in El Cerrito, California. Spring Wind began to sell bulk herbs to practitioners in 1993 and soon after began producing a high quality line of ointments, cremes, salves and liniments. All Spring Wind products are manufactured using only the highest grade bulk herbs to product topical herbal products that remain unmatched in the industry. Over the years, Spring Wind has searched out the highest grade bulk herbs and introduce a lot-based testing system for a comprehensive list of pesticide residues. In 2005, Spring Wind began to locate sources of organic herbs and now carries a large and growing selection of USDA NOP Certified Organic herbs.
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