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Approved: California [Until 2024/12/14]* (6), Florida (6), NCCAOM (6), Standard Certificate (6)
LENGTH 6 Hours
Course TYPE Studio Recording
ACCESS Mobile, Desktop, Tablet
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Course Overview
In this webinar, Kevin Ryan shares his knowledge of the methods developed by Australian Osteopath Thomas (Tom) Bowen for helping clients with presentations of muscular-skeletal pain and dysfunction. These methods use well-known acupuncture points with a rolling soft tissue method applied in a specific sequence to achieve an improved range of motion to joint function.

This six hour webinar recorded a hands-on two day workshop in October 2022 that coincided with the 40th anniversary of the passing of Tom Bowen. It includes:

1. The history of Tom Bowen's working life and the development of his unique methods is blended with a number of experiments illustrating the relationship between somatic dysfunction and posture. Learning an effective method to assess and correct the tracking of a dysfunctional patella is presented in light of the effect that the outcome has on posture. This allows for a deep understanding of the intimate relationship and interdependence between structure and function in our clients.

2. Kevin's learning directly from Tom over a three-year period, is shared through high lighting and discussing his methods used for dysfunction and strains of the lower, middle and upper back, neck, TMJ, respiratory diaphragm, major leg muscles, shoulders, elbows, wrists ankles and feet.

3. Examples of postural assessment and correction, using volunteers from among the participants shows how the general, standing posture of the client may be improved.
  • The viewer will develop an understanding of the uniqueness of the Bowen methods as a Tui Na tool through exposure to the history of the development of the methods.
  • The viewer will be able to describe the acupuncture points that are used as the basis of the application of each method. They will be able to incorporate the use of this knowlede into their understanding of the role of Acupunture in health care.
  • The viewer will learn a number of tools to assess joint dysfunction and postural strain paterns in clients before and after a session.
  • The viewer will develop and understand more fully, the interdependent relationship and connection between the structure and function of the soma, through learned assessment and application methods as developed by Tom Bowen.
  • The viewer will learn the overall postural implications following application of these methods to improve joint range of movement and function in general
  • Outline
    0 hrs - 30 min

    By way of introduction, the first section of the course covers the history and development of these Methods by Tom Bowen. This gives an understanding of the uniqueness of the Bowen Methods as a body work system within a TCM context.

    30 min - 1 hrs

    This section of the course is based on the Bowen Method for the knee. This shows the impact that improved function of one part of the soma has on general body posture. Simple tools for assessing postural strain in the clients soma are shown.

    1 hrs - 1.5 hrs

    This section covers the lower back and introduces the concept of applying a flicking pressure to a group of four acupoints to isolate that part of the soma while the lower back Method is applied. The Acupoints used are well known TCM points.

    1.5 hrs - 2 hrs

    This section of the course discusses the Bowen Methods that are used to assist function of the Quads, Hamstrings and Sartorias muscles. The context of their contribution to some lower and upper back presentations in clients is shown.

    2 hrs - 2.5 hrs

    This section of the course bring to light the important but often overlooked role of the 3 Iliopsoas muscles, the Piriformis and the Quadratus femoris muscles. The Methods apply to common hip, lower and upper back presentations in clinic.

    2.5 hrs - 3 hrs

    This section of the course investigates the multifunctional role that the thoracic spine has on pain and ROM issues within that section of the body. The relationship but also how it is related to the soma both above and below.

    3 hrs - 3.5 hrs

    This section of the course covers the Methods used to assist respiratory diaphragm function. Methods to assist the integrity of the columns of ribs that may relate to ROM restrictions of the Costo-and Sterno vertebral joints.

    3.5 hrs - 4 hrs

    This section of the course covers Bowen Methods to assist the soft tissues involved in function of the Fibula bone, the ankle and foot including bunions. A direct link between these joints and postural pain patterns is shown.

    4 hrs - 4.5 hrs

    This section of the course covers the Bowen Methods used for neck dysfunction. The method includes individual attention to the supporting muscles of the neck.

    4.5 hrs - 5 hrs

    This section of the course covers the Bowen Methods for shoulder, upper and lower arms, wrists and thumbs.The acupuncture points used in these methods are among those that many practitioners are used to using with needles.

    5 hrs - 6 hrs

    The final section of the course includes a wrap up of the Methods covered and information on how they fit into clinical practice.This ties together the individual methods with an overall concept of structure and function related postural strains.

    What People Are Saying

    the presenter, come across knowing, his subject very well.

    Khalil B.- Australia

    I started out as a massage therapist and then went to counseling and then acupuncture. Bowen complements all three, using important TCM point to increase natural function and flow.

    Helen (Eleni) F.- United States of America

    Bowen Methods for TCM and Shiatsu Practitioners - Course 1

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    About Kevin Ryan

    Dr Kevin Ryan is AHPRA registered in Australia, to practice both Acupuncture and Osteopathy. He practices in Melbourne, Victoria. He was born at an early age in 1949. He has a continuing full time clinic practice of over 47 years. He has particular interests in the treatment of muscular-skeletal dysfunction, pain and neurological conditions, compromised fertility, mood disorders, inflammatory arthritis and endocrine disorders. He maintains a practice with a significant number of babies and children and disability patients. He was fortunate to study with the now world famous Geelong Osteopath Thomas Ambrose Bowen during the final 3 years of his life. Kevin returned the favor in some measure, by keeping Tom's practice operating for three months while it was on the market. Tom held a free monthly clinic for disability clients for much of his 35 years in practice. This clinic was kept running for some 12 years after tom's death. Over the last 18 years, and following his exposure to the Master Tung system of acupuncture, Kevin has developed his own unique approach to the use of gentle finger tip contact of acupuncture point pairs to treat muscular skeletal presentations. This is now known as Dao Ma (Coupled Point) Posture Method. These Methods have been developed sufficiently to present the approach in both face to face workshop and online formats. The Dao Ma and Bowen Methods may be used with needling and most Tui na and Shiatsu techniques. Kevin has a long and continuing role in Program Advisory Committees in University courses in both TCM and in Osteopathy. He is former and founding member of the Complementary Medicines Evaluation Committee of the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration. Kevin is a well respected and accomplished practitioner of Natural Medicine specializing in Constitutional Homeopathy. He is an active presenter at Acupuncture Association Conferences.

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