Dr. Guo’s Skin Tonic Soothing Facial Cream

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Dr. Guo initially developed this product exclusively for his cosmetic acupuncture patients. It was intended to help his patients maintain their skin health and enhance the natural youthful look while undergo a series of facial cosmetic acupuncture treatments.

Directions: Apply a small amount on cleansed skin; then slowly massage in a circular and upward direction for 3 to 5 minutes. Use once or twice daily. External use only.
This product is made with 100% certified organic herbs: arnica, calendula, lemon balm, yarrow and helichrysum. The herbs are infused in extra virgin olive oil for eight weeks before extraction. Additional oils: castor oil, grape seed oil, apricot oil, organic cocoa butter and jojoba oil were added to enhance the therapeutic property.

The final product was finished with therapeutic grade essential oils: bergamot, cajuput, lemon, orange and French lavender, are added along with natural beeswax.

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